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Rivers in Germany

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30 rivers in Germany

Rivers in Berlin
Spree River
Getting to Berlin and taking a boat ride on the River Speer is a wonderful experience as you see much of the city from the boat, both ultra modern buildings and old factories that give a special air to Berlin, also the parks. If you're staying for several days it would be interesting to do on arrival as you'll get an overview of the city.
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Rivers in Düsseldorf
Rhine River
Passed through this German City's airport in 1994 en route to Madrid Spain ... beautiful gift First trip to Europe .....
Rivers in Hamburg
Elbe River
The city of Hamburg in Germany, has two main characteristics: It is Hanseatic (or aquatic) and is also the greenest city in Germany. The way in which the water passes through this beautiful city through large and plentiful water channels, makes it similar to the old St. Petersburg in Russia, and both compete for beauty. Touring the city see the greenery and water, a very special atmosphere, but look closely at the port, with the important activity since daily tons of goods go from Europe to the world and the world to Europe, a German site, organized and efficient, a little bragging. Rotterdam Hamburg is one of the two main European ports, but much, much more than a port. It is a fascinating city, enjoy strolling along the banks of the Elbe River, right to the mouth. The walk takes about two hours, and you can choose between various tours that offer you the same thing: Walking along the coast of the port of Hamburg you can discover a myriad of attractions, from the huge ships and containers which move thousands of tons of various goods daily, impressive bridges that connect different areas of Hamburg, ancient and modern buildings, residential complexes and to the beautiful coast of Altona, with its elegant residential area. It is truly shocking to observe the process used by ships to load and unload goods. Huge cranes and machinery show what happens daily in port, but on the other hand, also enjoy the beauty of the city, its red buildings that have characterized it for centuries, and discover, its modernity and progress with new modern buildings and trendiness. At the end of the ride, buy some souvenirs, as the port is full of small shops with a huge variety of very original souvenirs .... Original and German things of Hamburg.
Rivers in Frankfurt am Main
Meno River
The River Main flows through Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and Hesse. It is 524km long. It only flows through German territory, pouring water into the Rhine River. This river differentiates by its name between Frankfurt am Main in Frankfurt an der Oder. Its name comes from Celtic times, when they called Moin or Mogin. Then came the Romans and used the same name in the Latin version, "Moenus"
Rivers in Dresden
The Elbe River
One of the nicest things you can do in Dresden is strolling along the banks of the Elbe River, a pleasant walk for miles with a perfect view where you can enjoy the beautiful architecture, sit and read a good book or watch the beauty of the shade and of the leaves of the trees. Tour the waters and enjoy a good meal at one of the restaurants in anchored boats.
Rivers in Tübingen
Neckar River
At first when Spanish people visit Germany, they find it funny, or at least curious, that there is always someone cleaning the public toilets and charging you 50 cents or even one euro to "pee". After a few weeks on holiday, these toilets will start to seem very expensive. On this particular day, we were looking for a place, like a tree or a field, to take a leak, and I found this great place. An entire side of a huge river just for me, well all the buildings had windows overlooking the river, but the giant trees helped me have a little privacy. Afterwards, walking back down this slope for almost an hour was a gift from God ..
Rivers in Karlsruhe
Los Ángeles River
Like many people, before I got to know them, I thought that The Hurd were a poor, lonely and inhospitable people. That's why I was so surprised when I actually met them, and I was especially struck by this nice little town whose main attraction is the river and the surrounding area. The town is on the Rio de Los Angeles. It has crystal clear waters where you can swim amongst the harmless fish in a tropical paradise. If you just want to stroll along the banks of the river, the village has built a wide path on one of its banks so everyone can enjoy it; families with children, senior citizens, people with disabilities, etc. The plant life, the reflection of the trees in the water, the small waterfalls, and the singing frogs are all worth a visit.
Rivers in Cologne
Porz District
This is an amazing corner of Germany. The Rhine is beautiful, with boats passing and geese splashing in the river. It's great especially when the sun rises. The cargo ships are impressive because they are very large. The sunrises and sunsets are particularly beautiful.
Rivers in Berlin
Friedrichstraße Canal
This beautiful canal is located in Friedrichstrabe. I found it when walking towards Oranienburgerstrabe and could not help but stop to look at it, the fusion of the big city with the harmony of the canal water. I remember, I was totally relaxed, enjoying the spectacular architecture, the variety of people, bicycles and cafes. I decided to walk along the canal, past cafes and lounge-bars, green areas and people. I decided to stop and sit in one of the cafes to have a piece of white chocolate cake and a latte, which could have been from Italy, from the Piazza San Marco. A beautiful place.
Rivers in Mainz
Rhine River - Mainz
After living for a year and a half in this city (Mainz) I realised that my favorite part was these steps that go down to the river. I used to like to sit there to read, listen to music, to think or just to watch the boats, and the ducks swimming in the water.
Rivers in Freiburg im Breisgau
Rivers in Bonn
The Rhine River
Bonn is a pretty city with a lot of things to see, but if you're looking to relax, then take a walk along the banks of the Rhine.
Rivers in Altenholz
Kiel Canal
The Eider River feeds into the Kiel Canal. There's a small (and historical) hydro-electrical generator.
Rivers in Berlin
Sand Swimming Pool Badeschiff in the Spree
A pool on the river Spree in Berlin! This is a shining example of Berlin's acclimatization to the environment. Berlin makes an incredible twist of 365° when summer comes and becomes an amazing spa town.
Rivers in Landsberg
Rivers in Munich
Rivers in Barby
Rivers in Berlin
Kanal kreuzberg
A place to relax and meet friends.
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