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Squares in England

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38 squares in England

Squares in London
Piccadilly Circus
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Squares in London
Trafalgar Square
This is the perfect starting point for first-timers in London. You take the underground until Charing’s Cross (the brown or black lines), step out, and you’re right in the center of London! You’ve got the National Gallery (which has a world-class collection of Renaissance and Impressionist works), Nelson’s Column, and a fun atmosphere of people coming and going. It’s a good place to start off, and then explore the Strand, Westminster (Big Ben!!!), and Whitehall St., which is where a lot of the city’s monuments and official buildings are located. Also, keep an eye out for an events calendar because it’s a popular meeting point for art installations, protests, festivals, and gatherings of all stripes.
Squares in London
Leicester Square
The Leicester Square is one of the most famous squares in London. In between, there is a small garden, managed by the City of Westminster, the twin city of London. In between, you can find a statue of William Shakespeare surrounded by dolphins from the nineteenth century. In every corner of the park, there are several heads of famous people such as Isaac Newton, Joshua Reynolds, who was the first president of the Royal Academy, the famous surgeon John Hunter, and William Hogarth (a painter). If you look on the ground, the distances in kilometers from Leicester Square Gardens to various countries of the former British Empire are written there. Leicester Square is the center of fun in London; It has many cinemas, theatres, and in winter, there is a small exhibition in the gardens of the square. There is also a house of horrors, several wells, and activities for children and adults. Most people come because of all the cinemas around, but before entering or after leaving, they stop by to eat something at the fair, or play a game to try to win a bear or a prize.
Squares in London
Parliament Square
Parliament Square is next to the Palace of Westminster and Big Ben. Here you'll find the famous statue of the most charismatic Prime Minister of the last century, Winston Churchill. Another, more recent tribute is the statue of Nelson Mandela, a symbol of freedom and tolerance. These two great democratic men stand near the Houses of Parliament, leading by example.
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Squares in Oxford
Radcliffe Square
Radcliffe Square is one of the squares in the old heart of Oxford, and one of the loveliest because you are surrounded by monuments from different periods, which are quite harmonious together. In the middle of the square, is the Radcliffe Camera, a Palladian-style building, constructed in memory of John Radcliffe, a student of the university who became the doctor of the king, and left a big donation to the University of Oxford. The Radcliffe Camera is a library, and only students can enter. The files are so special that you have to be motivated to read, and you can take a table for a defined time. There is space for over 600,000 books. On the west side of the square lies the Brasenose College, one of the oldest Colleges in Oxford, and opposite lies the All Soul's College. In the south is the church of St Mary the Virgin, and you can climb the towerr to see the view.
Squares in Oxford
Bonn Square
Bonn Square is a pedestrian square, next to Queen Street, in the historic center of Oxford. Bonn is named after the German town twinned with Oxford. It is near the old door of the medieval city to the west, where you will now find the West Gate Shopping Centre. To the east, you have Queen Street which is a major shopping street. The other corner of the square is made up of New Inn Hall Street, Inn Street, which was accommodation for students and businessmen in the city. Now it is one of the colleges of Oxford University. For more than 700 years, Bonn Square was a graveyard for the church of St Peter-le-Bailey. This lasted until 1870, when they began to take on more modern development plan for the city and they destroyed the old church. In the centre you will find the Tirah memorial which was placed 1900. It was the city's first war memorial and it recalls the battles of Tirah which took place in northern India.
Squares in Nottingham
Old Market Square
Old Market Square is the vibrant heart of the capital, it's the second oldest square in the whole United Kingdom, after Trafalgar Square. For locals, it's a meeting center and a place to celebrate. There's even a communications center, and shopping place to take a break, and a great place to feel the flow of the city. The square is dominated by a spectacular neo-classical building, the Council House, and hosts every third Friday of the month a food market carp invading the center of the square, between the source and the modern council house. The Exchange is an upscale shopping mall located in the interior of the block of City Council, here you can find the best shops in the city.
Squares in Manchester
Cathedral Gates
On each side of the Manchester Cathedral in the city center, next to modern buildings, is where we can find a curious place, known as the Cathedral Gates, where two restaurants are in a small square, in what is undoubtedly one of the more representative examples old Manchester. On the one hand is The Old Wellington Inn, with traditional English food, on the other hand is Sinclairs Oyster Bar, with its Seafood and sins, both merged into the square - charming and very British. For us it was a surprise to find that the curious place where it seems that the passage of time has not affected the space of the city of Manchester (considering it is the second largest city in the United Kingdom). Hopefully it stays that way for much longer.
Squares in Sheffield
New Millenium Square
After searching in different parts of minube I realised that someone has entered the Garden of Peace ( the mythical fountain in front of the City Hall) as The Millennium Square. This is completely incorrect. In fact the Millennium Square is a social triangle in the "cool" and fashionable part of the Gardens of Peace. This was a project started in 1998 and was completed two years later. In this triangle you can find places like the Winter Gardens,the Mercure and Novotel hotels, along with a number of restaurants and cafes (Cafe Nero, Coffee Picolino Rouge and others) as well as a series of innovative buildings that aim to recreate the spirit of progress of the city, a contrast to the classic style of the famous City Hall. Today it is one of the most visited places in the city, not only because it is the center of it, but for creating a social space which in turn creates a social impact, which again should not be confused ( as it often has been) with The Peace Gardens, since the purpose of this area is contrasted with those gardens. These days the area has been provisionally named the new Millennium Square.
Squares in Blackpool
Cedar Square
Cedar Square is in the center of the city of Blackpool, where they made the most important business transactions during the Medieval era. There is where we can find what was and continues to be one of the most important churches of the town, the church of St. John the Evangelist. With time and with the exploitation of coastal resources this square was displaced which made local authorities include it in their renovation plans with sculpture and contemporary buildings creating an interesting contrast to the church, which is almost isolated. Today this square is the social hub of the city, close to the theater and all the best restaurants.
Squares in London
Hyde Park Corner
Hyde Park Corner is one of the most important squares of London, located in the southeast corner of Hyde Park. It is a junction of several streets such as Park Lane, Knightsbridge, Piccadilly, Grosvenor Place and Constitution Hill. The nearest tube station is Hyde Park Corner. In the center of the square stands the arch of the Constitution or Wellington Arch, which was the gateway from the north to the grounds of Buckingham Palace. There are also memorials to various wars of the British Empire. Daily at 11:00 am, a free Spanish speaking tour of London departs from here. The only requirement is to pre-register online.
Squares in Bath
Abbey Square
This is the square of the Abbey, sticking to the hot springs in Bath. It is on "York Street". It's an interesting place to pass the time sitting on a bench, listening to the wonderful music of the great street artists and watching a number of people completely different from each other.
Squares in Manchester
Picadilly Square
Picadilly Garden is a square in Manchester city center. It's surrounded by restaurants, shops and a shopping center and is an ideal place to rest for a few minutes, lying in the grass, enjoying a wonderful fountain, etc.
Squares in London
Grosvenor Square
One of the most prestigious addresses in London, a Georgian square built by Sir Richard Grosvenor in 1710. It was then a new neighborhood, Mayfair, with luxury residences for major London families and many aristocrats lived there. Their houses were more like palaces, with generations of the same family living together. The houses were renovated in the eighteenth or nineteenth century to add another floor and electricity. The center had a private garden for residents that is now a public garden. It's where you the U.S. Embassy has been since 1785 and there's a statue of Franklin Roosevelt in the square and one of Eisenhower, who had his general quarters during WWII.
Squares in Chester
The Cross
This little square, known as The Cross, is the intersection of Eastgate and Bridge, the true center of the historic city. It is even noted on the tourist signs of the ancient city. You can recognize it by the small stone cross, a reconstruction of a fifteenth century crucifix. A great spot to take pictures. This is always the busiest part of the city, particularly in the evening, with so many pubs nearby.
Squares in London
Russell Square
Russell Square is a large garden square, located in the heart of London, in Bloomsbury. Its name comes from the surname of the Dukes of Bedford, who in the 17th and 18th centuries lived in this area. In fact, the mansion where he lived stands on one corner of the square. It now houses the Hotel Russell. On the upper floors there are wonderful apartments where famous writers lived such as TS Eliot, Virginia Woolf and others. It is a very pretty place to stop for a while and relax before visiting the British Museum, which is closeby.
Squares in Newcastle Upon Tyne
Eldon Square
Eldon Square is located in the Haymarket district, north of the old town. It was completely renovated in 2008 and now offers beautiful gardens, benches to eat and rest, and cafes. There is also a war memorial. Since the 20s, Eldon Square and Blackett Street have been the major axis of the city. In the 60s, all the neighborhood's beautiful buildings of stone were neglected, and in 1973, the north and west facades of Eldon's buildings were destroyed to build a large shopping center, which, when opened, was the largest in Europe.
Squares in Canterbury
Canterbury War Memorial
Located in the heart of the pedestrianized shopping area in the town center of Canterbury, the butter market is one of my favorite places. It has a great atmosphere, and is full of tourists, for a good reason: it's only a few meters from the main entrance of the famous cathedral. I love the butter market for its many shops, its central statue, and its lively atmosphere.
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