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Things to do in Reims

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The top 39 attractions in Reims

Cathedrals in Reims
Reims Cathedral
This city is almost completely covered with gardens, quiet peaceful life takes place here. Its the prominent feature of the city you can visit the cathedral which this year celebrates 800 years of existence. You will admire its beauty and splendor. Next to it is the Palace of Tau where they keep their greatest treasures. I encourage you to visit I'm sure not new disappointed.
Squares in Reims
Place du Forum
We discovered this charming square by accident as we wandered through Reims looking for a place to eat. It's the perfect place to recharge your batteries after walking around the city. There is an incredible secret inside that few know about, preferring to visit the cathedral instead. Big mistake! The square holds the remains of Gallo-Roman galleries, reminding us of the antiquity and importance of the city of Reims. The Cryptoportique, which is the name of the place, is a gallery from the third century, when it was known as Durocortorum Reims, a major Roman settlement in the area. It is surrounded by beautiful bourgeois buildings, including the Vergeur museum.
Wineries in Reims
Exhibitions in Reims
Palais du Tau Christmas Exhibit
I spent a wonderful afternoon seeing an exhibition of Christmas cribs. The exhibition was at the Palace of Tau which has an annual Christmas exhibition. This year they had 40 Italian cribs (all the cribs were for sale) but the theme changes every year.
Palaces in Reims
Palace of Tau
In addition to its treasures, Tau Palace is a treasure in itself in the of France. This is what I read in the books I've seen during my visit there. It's a strange feeling to step on the same floor where the kings of France have held their parties.
Statues in Reims
Fontaine Subé
Situated in the heart of the city of Reims you can find the Drouet d'Erlon's Square which, besides being one of the busiest square around, has at its center a beautiful fountain topped by a golden statue called: "The Glory". While I was wandering through the old town in search of the cathedral, a golden glow dazzled me and I felt obliged to stop and see what it was. The fountain and statue of the Angel are both beautiful. Despite being a Sunday, it was practically empty. Now, everything is covered by a layer of snow around the square and there are also a large number of decorated posts. I discover another painful story about World War II, since apparently this area was completely destroyed by bombing. Now, I am glad to see how the people of this city can enjoy the heritage that their elders knew and were recovered.
Statues in Reims
Joan of Arc Statue
This statue of Joan of Arc with a sword has disappeared 4 times in 4 years! It's near the cathedral and is a symbol of the history of France, but also it's a symbol of a city known as the City of Joliment Sacres. You can see statues like this in many cities and cathedrals of France.
Churches in Reims
Eglise Saint-Jacques
A few meters from the famous Piazza D'Erlon's Drout of Reims and almost going unnoticed with its little facade and sandwiched between other buildings, we ran into it by chance with the church of Saint-Jacques, the second oldest in the city after the Saint-Remi Basilica. It was constructed in the late 12th century but has elements of the 15th century. It has 3 naves that are on the most beautiful side. Inside you can find a crucifix included in the works of Jacques Pierre in the 16th century, as well as vaults and the windows of the 20th century.
Historical Monuments in Reims
Place Royale
This square was part of the ancient Roman city of Durocorturum. It has large houses with interior gardens, and a quiet paved plaza. It's huge and beautiful, with dimensions of 33 by 38 fathoms (about 64m by 74m). In the centre, you can see a beautiful fountain topped by a bronze statue of Louis XV as a Roman emperor. This statue dates from the year 1818, as the previous statue was destroyed during the Revolution. The huge building dominating an entire side of the square is the sub-prefecture of the Marne.
Historical Monuments in Reims
Abbey of Saint-Remi
Another architectural gem that in the city of Reims as a UNESCO world heritage site. It is impressive, this basilica was a lovely discovery in the city tour. Founded in SVI, its fame is due to major French historical landmarks such as the burial of the Bishop of Reims who converted to Christianity to the Frankish king Clovis I, initiating France as a "country" and the tradition of coronation of French kings. The bishop was Saint Remy, from which we get the name of the city. Romanesque but seamless transition to the Gothic basilica impresses with its depth and devotion to accentuate the gallery surrounding the nave. It's a strange feeling, like a cloister inside. Bella, a lovely structure, mesmerized me from the moment I crossed the doorway with a mixed style that I have never seen anywhere else. Amazing light and nuanced colors that give a feeling of peace and serenity, thanks to all the windows surrounding much of the basilica. Despite the intense cold ,the place fills you with warmth. A must visit. For me, the inside is much more beautiful. The Basilica of today occupies an important place in my favorite spots. Curiosity: I found it amazing that this place and cathedral are free ;)
Historical Monuments in Reims
Cryptoporticus of Reims
In the Place du Forum you can see traces of the oldest place to be found in the city of Reims, a gallery of Gallo-Roman origin from the 3rd Century that was originally attached to the forums and which incidentally was used as a storage place for cereals and / or meat. The only remains of the galleries are those found in the square because, as is the case with most of the city, its remains were lost during the two World Wars. The fact that you can find places like this in a city that you intend to visit because of its cathedral and its wineries, is a surprise. Also if you do it at a time when there is a lot of snow it gives a more mysterious and dreamlike feel. It's the first time that I have seen and heared about a cryptoporticus. What surprised me most is that the major monuments in Reims are free ;), I can only thank them because sometimes, culture can be rather expensive ;)
Historical Monuments in Reims
Place Drouet d'Erlon
The Place Drouet d'Erlon has an ancient history linked to the city. In the twelfth century, it was called Place de la Couture. Artisans such as cabinetmakers, carpenters, coopers, and more settled here, putting up their workshops. But the site also has a grislier history as it was, for a long time, the execution ground. The stake, the guillotine, hanging, wheel torture ... it all took place here, as popular public spectacles. The guillotine was used here four times in 1796. Nowadays, the place has become pedestrianised, and is decorated with a large fountain crowned by a bronze figure of victory. On each side, it is decorated with four fountains symbolizing the rivers that cross the area: the Marne, Vesle, Aisne, and Suippe.
Historical Monuments in Reims
Porte Mars
The four entrances to the Gallo-Roman city gates feature triumphal arches, not celebrating war, but rather peace and happiness. The Mars Gate is the only one that remains today. Its decoration has suffered greatly from the integration with the walls, but you can still see the grooves that once guided carriage wheels.
Museums in Reims
Hotel Le Vergeur Museum
This beautiful house is located on one side of the Place du Forum. I loved it. Its facade reminds me of the houses from old stories. Inside are the headquarters of the old Reims, one of the most interesting museums in the city that takes us back to times goneby.
City Halls in Reims
Gardens in Reims
Parc de la Patte d'Oie
Patte d'Oie park is located in the city center of Reims, on the route. This is a very nice, well laid out and shaded park. It has a small stream, dotted with waterfalls and pools, and a path through the garden. Many ducks have taken up residence here, and entertain children when they chase bread! There is a red kiosk in the middle of vegetation and fountains, you have to go into the park.
Palaces in Reims
Tribunal de Grande Instance
The courthouse was erected in 1835, on the site of the former hospital Hôtel-Dieu that housed the sick. It's inspired by ancient architecture with columns and pediments, common of nineteenth century judicial buildings. In the back were the prison and the police, demolished in 1906. The court house was largely destroyed during the war. Today it houses the High Court, District Court and the Commercial Court.
Statues in Reims
Baptism of Clovis I Statue
This beautiful spot on the outside of the Basilica of Saint Remy shows us snippets of the history of France. It was the first landmark we visited in the city and was a good start for a day of discovery. The historical importance of the conversion of Clovis (King of the Franks) to Christianity marks a before and after in the history of France and therefore in Europe. It is a beautiful building, all the better when it snows and it is covered in a white blanket. The exterior of the basilica is just as beautiful as the building itself. Do not miss it ;)

The best things to do in Reims

There are many things to do in the city of Reims, which is located in northeastern France about 129 kilometers east of Paris. Some of the most important attractions in Reims include the Place Drouet d'Erlon and the Place du Parvis, where there is a statue of Joan of Arc.

Another one of the places to visit Reims is the Abbey of Saint-Remi which was founded in the sixth century and became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991. Visitors must wander through more than two thousand years of history when searching for what to do in Reims!

Of all the places to visit in Reims, one of the most important is the Archbishop's Palace of Tau. This building was important to the kings of France, as it was the residence where the princes remained until the occasion of their coronation. Since 1972, the Palace of Tau has been a national museum called Musée de l'Oeuvre. It receives 100,000 visitors every year and is one of the best Reims attractions.

Tourists should not miss unforgettable Reims activities, such as taking guided tours of the vineyards of the Champagne region, which is close to the city of Reims.

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