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Things to do in Lucca

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The top 46 attractions in Lucca

Historical Monuments in Lucca
Guinigi Tower
This tower is one of the most famous monuments of Lucca, and one of the few medieval towers still standing strong. It was built in 1390 by the Guinigi family (rich bankers from Lucca) as a demonstration of their power and prestige. What stands out about this tower is the oak garden on top of it, which you can visit (by going up 231 steps) and find beautiful views of the city. If I remember correctly, the entry fee is 3.50€.
Squares in Lucca
Piazza dell'Anfiteatro
One of the most emblematic places in Lucca the Piazza del Anfiteatro. There's not really an amphitheater, but this place has kept the elliptical amphitheater shape because it was built on the ruins of an ancient Roman one.
Churches in Lucca
Basilica of San Frediano
This is one of the oldest churches in the city and was built on top of another 6th century church consecrated by the bishop of Lucca, Frediano and dedicated to San Vicente. When the bishop died, he was buried here and it was renamed San Frediano and San Vicente. The outer walls are built with white marble stones taken from the Roman amphitheater near the basilica, and is decorated with a large Byzantine style 13th-century golden mosaic by Berlinghieri Berlinghiero representing the Ascension of Christ. Inside the church is a basilica with a large room and two separated aisles held up by columns with Roman and Romanesque capitals. The columns were brought in from Roman buildings.
Churches in Lucca
San Michele in Foro
The Church of San Michele in Foro is in the Piazza San Michele and rests on the site of the ancient Roman forum. It is a Pisan Romanesque-style temple and its construction began in the 11th century on the ruins of another church of the 8th century. The façade is built with large blocks of limestone and, oddly enough, the facade is considerably higher than the church itself. No one knows why, but it could be for financial reasons; maybe they ran out of money and the rest of thechurch remained at a lower height. It stands out because the top is a 13th century statue of the Archangel Michael and measures 4 meters high. The interior consists of a rooms and two aisles. In the chancel, there is the large Byzantine-style crucifix in wood by the Tuscan sculptor and painter Berlinghiero Berlinghieri.
Cities in Lucca
Lucca City Walls
There are few walls as well-preserved as those in Lucca, which are about 5 miles long. They walls remain intact because, even though they were designed to defend against enemies, they were never used in battle. They encircle and mark off the historic center of the city and have been transformed into a public promenade that can be traveled in its entirety either by foot or on bike. It is a very pleasant walk, especially at sunset.
Cathedrals in Lucca
Lucca Cathedral
Considered by everyone to be a jewel of Pisan Romanesque architecture in Tuscany, it is situated in Piazza San Martino, in the south of the historical center of Lucca. The construction of this Romanesque Cathedral began in approximately 1060, and was comissioned by the then Bishop of Lucca, Anselmo da Baggio (1015 c. - 1073), who would be elected pope in 1061, adopting the name of Alexander II. To this day, the huge apse of the original construction of the Cathedral remains in perfect condition. Towering columns support the apse and the Belfry. The cathedral was completed in 1070 and it was dedicated to St. Martin. At the entrance to the Duomo, on the right hand side, you can see a beautiful sculpture which dates from the early thirteenth century, describing some stories from the saint's life, such as the legend about St. Martin, when he was a young soldier in the service of Rome , brandishing a sword to cut his cloak and share it with an old beggar. This group of sculptures was originally placed on the exterior part of the Duomo´s facade. Under the porch of the cathedral you can admire other splendid Romanesque sculptures, depicting other scenes from the life of St. Martin. During the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, Lucca Cathedral was completely rebuilt and in 1261, the impressive building was joined with the XI century Belfry, and two upper levels were also added. The outstanding and beautifully ornate Romanesque facade was designed and made by the famous sculptor and architect Lombard Guidetto da Como (who lived and worked in Lucca from the early thirteenth century until an unknown date). Guidetto da Como began constructing the facade in 1204. The facade consists of three large arches opening on to the porch and three levels of simple galleries. It is probable that Guidetto da Como intended to crown the facade with a acroterion, but it never happened. In order that the facade could join on to Belfry, the right side has three arches less than the left side. The porch was decorated by the second half of the thirteenth century, with beautiful Romanesque sculptures, created by different Lombard artists, including Guidetto da Como. On the front, next to the entrance, you can see a circular labyrinth engraved on the stone wall . The maze (49 cm.) Represents the labyrinth of Daedalus in Crete. Below it, there is a Latin inscription that says: "This is the labyrinth that Daedalus built for Crete. No one that enters can leave it, except Theseus".
Historical Monuments in Lucca
Giacomo Puccini House and Museum
The Giacomo Puccini museum is located in the square that bears his name, and pays tribute to the work and life of the famous composer from Lucca. It is filled with files and scores, among other objects of interest belonging to this great Italian. It is a must-see for all lovers of classical music.
Festivals in Lucca
Flea Markets in Lucca
Lucca Flea Market
The Mercato dell'Antiquariato Lucca is the equivalent of Madrids Rastro, an antique market that takes place on the third Saturday morning of each month in the streets of the old town of Lucca. The Mercato dell'Antiquariato gives you the opportunity to dig around and have some fun in the relaxed atmosphere of this bustling city, that is usually quiet and provincial. The event itself is very nice. In this market you can find interesting decorative items, antiques and various other objects. An exciting experience set amongst the beautiful streets.
Squares in Lucca
Piazza Antelminelli
This beautiful circular plaza is built around a fountain. It is a quiet place in Lucca where we loved walking to enjoy the view of the Cathedral of San Martino. Here, you could have a coffee on a terrace, away from the bustle the city center. An unavoidable place if we walk on foot through the heart of Lucca.
Train Stations in Lucca
Shops in Lucca
Museums in Lucca
Museo Italiano del Fumetto e dell'Immagine
Housed in a wing of the old monastery of San Romano, in the small square of the same name, the Comic Museum is a very beautiful place that can be visited for €3. A family visit from the first comic book to the recent comics to unite all generations. You're welcomed by Spiderman, and then other heroes are also inside.
Historical Monuments in Lucca
Torre delle Ore
La Torre delle ore is one of the two large towers in Lucca. This, as the name suggests, is crowned by a huge clock, which can be seen from all over the village. You can climb (beware of lots of stairs!) for 3 euros. But the views aren't as worthy as the Guinigi Tower, in our opinion.
Churches in Lucca
Chiesa di San Salvatore
Another church worth visiting in Lucca, much more sober than the others, and set amidst a beautiful small square. We loved its yellow stone facades with the rest of the decor and simple design, less loaded than other churches filled with religious trinkets and gold. It is a nice visit if you go there. There's also a small Romanesque perfectly intact eardrum.
Of Cultural Interest in Lucca
Matteo Civitali Gallery
Steps away from the Piazza San Michel, this beautiful gallery is a meeting place for local artists. We saw living statues, musicians, and illustrators who share space, giving a touch of charm to the place. On the other hand, it owes its name to the statue of Matteo Civitali, a local architect represented behind the artists, sitting on a heavy chair.
Statues in Lucca
Giacomo Puccini Statue
A true local star, Giacomo Puccini is a native Italian composer from Lucca, where you can visit the house where he was born, and even the museum. The statue is just outside the museum on the square of the same name. It is a final tribute, that is respected by the Italians and tourists who are traveling and make a stop.
Tourist Information in Lucca
Lucca Tourist Information Office
It is a must. The tourist office is located west of the Santa Ahna gate, at the entrance to the walled city of Lucca. It is in a grand old building, where you can find all the necessary city visit information, and where you can buy passes and tickets to the museums and churches of Lucca. The service is multilingual.

The best things to do in Lucca

To start with what to do in Lucca one should note that is a Tuscan city situated in north-central Italy and is along the Serchio river. It is famous for being one of the few places that still preserves its medieval walls and within them is a unique historic centre which is a beautiful addition to all the attractions in Lucca.

Besides the beautiful old town, there are many other places to visit in Lucca. We can start with the Palazzo and the Torre Guinigi. The palace now houses the National Museum of Lucca and the tower is one of the most famous of all the Lucca attractions. Next on the list of things to see in Lucca is the Church of San Michele in Foro in Piazza San Michele and the Basilica of San Frediano, one of the oldest churches in the city.

Of all the things to do in Lucca, you must find time for a coffee in the Piazza del Anfiteatro, a square which was founded on the ruins of an ancient Roman amphitheater. A walk along the imposing Renaissance walls and medieval streets is also a must in the list of Lucca activities. It will be a unique experience. You can search for stuff to do in Lucca today on Minube.