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Things to do in Bergen

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The top 58 attractions in Bergen

Historical Monuments in Bergen
Bryggen District
Bryggen is a charming district, which is located right on the harborside of Bergem where the Hanseatic League was established, to deal primarily with cod. It was also the birthplace of the concept of credit and sales commissions. Today its 66 houses are used mainly for the tourist trade. UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site in 1979. Very nearby is the tourist office, and a fish market where you can try various types of salmon or whales. The type of packaging used keeps it fresh for up to ten days without refrigeration, so if the dates add up, I recommend you take some home. About 5 minutes walk away there is the Fløibanen, a funicular that goes up to one of the mountains in Bergen from which the views over the city and especially the Bryggen are really incredible (if it is not foggy, of course).
Fjords in Bergen
Sognefjord (Fjord of Dreams)
When I got there my first thought was "what a natural paradise." I've never seen anything like it, a treat for the senses, nature in its purest state, a place straight out of your dreams! .It is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world.
Harbors in Bergen
Port of Bergen
This is one of the main tourist areas Bergen (Norway). I visited it with the MSC cruise through the Nordic countries. The typical photo is all the houses of the same height painted in different warm colours.
Of Cultural Interest in Bergen
Southern Fjords
I really recommend renting a car and exploring the many kilometers of narrow roads along the Norwegian fjords. Each landscape is better than the one before, and the calm waters reflect the mountains like a mirror.
Markets in Bergen
Fish Market of Bergen
Although it is a very tourist oriented activity, visiting the fish market in Bergen is really interesting. The market appears every morning in the city port, right next to the colorful Bryggen district, you can find stalls offering all kinds of typical products that one would expect in Norway, especially the Salmon (of course) and whale. You can also find unusual meats such as reindeer, etc.. As I said, the market is very much geared to tourism products, prices can be viewed in Euros and shop assistants are mostly Italian or Spanish. But worthwhile dropping by and trying some of the specialties.
Of Cultural Interest in Bergen
Fløibanen Funicular
In Bergen, gateway to the Norwegian fjords, it rains 350 days a year. If you happen to be in the city on a sunny day, do not hesitate to take the cable car up to the hills. It's quick and cheap, and you'll be awarded with a spectacular view of the bay. Moreover, once you're up there, you can lose yourself in the mountains by following one of the many marked hiking trails. It's also a tradition to take a photo with the giant Troll... all you have to do is run across a real-life hobbit or forest gnome and yor visit is complete!
Fjords in Bergen
Mount Floyen
I spent five weeks in this dreamy country of forests, lakes, clouds, music, people, mountains, and smiles. It was just incredible. Taking a trip to this wonderful country with person you love just makes you smile everyday :)!
Tourist Information in Bergen
Tourist Office
It's a good idea to stop in this tourist office to see first hand what you can not miss in the historical city of Bergen. Besides offering free brochures and firsthand information, the office has a gift shop, currency exchange desk, train tickets, and a brochure of discounts and coupons (the Bergen Card). It is very easy to get to the office since it's right in the square at the end of the Vågsallmenningen fish market. During summer, the hours are from 08:30am to 10:00pm.
Museums in Bergen
Old Bergen Museum (Gamle Bergen)
Bergen, the "Gateway to the Fjords" is famous for the ancient Bryggen Hanseatic wharf, the fish market and the proximity of the fjords Hardangerfjord and Sognefjord. But this city also has a little gem that goes unnoticed to most tourists, it is the Old Bergen Museum, a big outdoor area in the Gamle Bergen Park which has been reconstructed to look like an old town and is made up of about 40-50 wooden houses that represent the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. When visiting this museum while enjoying the aspect of the buildings one can also see performances with characters dressed in costumes to help give more authenticity to this unique enclave. Private houses, schools, shops, cafes,, barbershops, a service station, farms, and traditional churches come alive in a careful staging which highlights the fidelity with which have been reproduced furniture, appliances, utensils and tools in order to provide the greatest possible realism to this small town seems to have been anchored in time. There are guided tours (from 10:00 to 17:00 h) to help understand how life was in Bergen in the 18th and 19th centuries. If you have time in Bergen, do not hesitate, you only need to take bus No. 1 or No. 9 in the heart of Bergen and get off at Sandviken, about 4 kilometers from downtown . You can return by walking. The museum is open from 15 May until late August ....
Fjords in Bergen
Norway in A Nutshell Day Tour
This is the ultimate trip to the Fjords. Norway in a Nutshell is an absolutely recommendable way to tour some of the most beautiful areas in the country in just a few hours. There are many combinations, but the Nutshell is a combination of the following means of transport: The ferry that crosses the spectacular Nærøyfjord , a World Heritage site. The Flam cog railway, an engineering marvel that provides amazing mountain scenery. The Bergen-Oslo railway, one of the three most spectacular routes in the world. The Stalheimskleiva Bus, one of the best roads in the country. All this in one day, or you can stretch up to three full days depending on how much time you have and your starting point. We departed from the city of Voss and the route was done perfectly in a day without being rushed. The excursion where you visit Oslo or Bergen are probably worthwhile if you have one or two additional days. The tour runs for about 80 AC / person.
Museums in Bergen
Troldhaugen Edvard Grieg Museum
Edvard Grieg Museum House is located in a unique spot in Troldhaugen, Bergen, on a hill overlooking a huge lake. The museum has the composer's tomb as well as his house. The latter is a lovely green-white villa, and inside you can visit the rooms, preserved as they were when he lived there. In summer, small concerts take place in the piano room. For music lovers, it is a place worth visiting. The views are also really nice.
Churches in Bergen
St John's Church (Johanneskirken)
Strolling through Bergen, you'll see the lights on this church, built in 1894, and one of the finest examples of the Gothic style in Norway. The 61m tower is visible throughout the city; this is the largest church in Bergen. The exterior brick construction makes a striking contrast with the wood inside. The church is primarily used for concerts, with a magnificent organ inside. It can fit 1,250 people, and it's always full when a concert is taking place.
Statues in Bergen
Located in central Torgalmenningen, this is Bergen's most popular square because it's a central meeting point for the locals. Here you can find a nice monument to sailors that is 7 feet tall and was sculpted by the Norwegian sculptor Dyre Vaa. He took 6 years to build it and it wasn't installed until 1950. The monument consists of 12 men and reliefs at two different heights in bronze and is surrounded by a fountain. You can always find people sitting around it. It's a great place to hang out and listen to the murmur of the water from the fountain, though it's sometimes complicated by the influx of people.
Waterfalls in Bergen
Kleivafossen Waterfall
This photo of Kleivafossen was taken during my honeymoon in Scandinavia, while on the way to the Briksdalsbreen Glacier. During the one-hour journey through a truly beautiful landscape (forests surrounded by waterfalls), we saw this - the most spectacular waterfall where the water splashed you as you passed over the bridge. It was a memorable trip, and I know I'll never forget it: one of the most beautiful experiences of the honeymoon. I've always loved reading about the great climbers of history, especially George Mallory, and when I was on the glacier, I really felt like one of them. We walked for an hour to get there, and when we arrived at the wall of blue ice, we stood open-mouthed in awe.
Hiking in Bergen
Hiking from Myrdal to Flam
To discover the magnificent landscapes of the region, I suggest you take the Flåmsbana to Flåm, which is a small train that takes you through the mountains to the village of Myrdal which is at an altitude to 866. Before the end of the journey we were invited to descend a few minutes to admire a huge waterfall where you can see a dancer dressed in red with background music: the breathtaking view and a mystical atmosphere! You will need at least four hours to descend! But it offers beautiful scenery and all types of waterfalls along the way!
Castles in Bergen
Bergenhus Fortress
As soon as you arrive by sea in Bergen and leave the port the first thing you catch sight of is the Bergenhus Fortress, one of the oldest and best preserved castles in Norway. This fortress has two principal buildings:the Haakon Hall and the Rosenkrantz Tower. The tower is considered to be one of the most important Renaissance monuments in Bergen dating from the year 1270 in Norway. In the past it was the residence of King Erik Magnusson, today its use is merely for tourists ve can visit the interior free every day of the week. Note that the Haakon room can now also be visited ,but has other uses such as official celebrations or chamber concerts. The hall was built in the mid-twelfth century during the reign of King Haakon, hence its name.
Churches in Bergen
Fantoft Stave Church
Fantoft Stave, built in the twelfth century is a typical Norwegian wooden church in Fortun, moved to Fantoft in 1883. In 1992, the church was completely burned, and rebuilt in 1997, so you can take a short stroll through the woods near the Fantoft dorm. The place is really spooky, especially if its not sunny, a thorough experience.
Statues in Bergen
Ludvig Holberg Sculpture
Vågsalmenningen is a beautiful part of the city of Bergen, where you can find the monument to the writer Ludvig Holberg, born in this city in 1684. If you're exploring the city, you'll find it easily, next to the tourist office and just past the famous fish market. This sculpture is the work of Johan Borjeson, and was made in 1884 to pay homage to the playwright.

The best things to do in Bergen

Bergen is considered the gateway to the spectacular Norwegian fjords, so naturally exploring the vast wilderness around the city is one of the top things to do in Bergen. The fjords are a marvel of nature and attract thousands of visitors each year. The city is located in a coastal valley surrounded by a group of mountains known as "de syv fjell", or The Seven Mountains, which are spectacular Bergen attractions in their own right!

However, there are also plenty of things to see in Bergen itself. For example, the 18th-century Bryggen neighborhood is famous for its colorful wooden homes and is where many of the best places to visit in Bergen are located. For example, the district is home to St Mary's Church, a Romanesque church from the 12th century which is the oldest building in the city. Some of the other top attractions in Bergen include visiting
Nygårdshøyden, a picturesque part of the city, the
Bergenhus fortress, or the Rosenkrantz tower.

Another of the most popular Bergen activities is visiting the open-air market surrounding the port to sample the local cuisine and enjoy the views of the old-fashioned white wooden homes. For more stuff to do in Bergen, have a look at the travel tips and recommendations from real travelers on minube and discover exactly what to do in Bergen to have the best trip possible.