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Things to do in Ciudad Real

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The top 528 attractions in Ciudad Real

Nature Reserves in Ruidera
Lagunas de Ruidera Natural Park
I have little more to add to the information that has already been provided by other people that have visited this place. I just want to add that these gaps follow a cycle of rising and falling water and there is usually a period of about five or six years between the years of maximum rise. We are currently in year of high rise.
Nature Reserves in Daimiel
Tables Daimiel
I can’t say much more about Las Tablas de Daimiel that hasn’t already been said here… I really wanted to go and it didn’t let me down. Now that it’s full of water and life, rain was even forecasted for the day we visited (and a few drops fell). Entrance to the park is free and without a guide. The main entrance is found 10 km outside of Daimiel. The Isla de Pan trail (route #2, marked in yellow) is the most popular, as it is nicely laid out on wooden planks. It takes you to the wetland, where you can see the birds an ducks (it’s much better to go in the morning or at sunset, when you’ll have the best opportunity to see the wildlife). We decided to go in the morning, due to the weather and the forecast of rain in the afternoon. With Spring recently sprung, in addition to seeing the green fields full of wild flowers, we could see the recently-born duckling that, still with their eyes closed, took their first “trips” in the water… The Forest of Tarayes on the Isle of Pan is also highly recommended. Being there, surrounded by the scent of vegetation, water, and feeling the calming presence of nature (except for when a loud group of hikers passes by and ruins the moment of solitude) is priceless. The park is so big that, at the end of the day, it’s not that touristic. There may be plenty of other people in the park, but everything is so spread out so they won’t bother you. In summary, it’s an unpredictable place, a truly unique place that is worth seeing… and please, keep quiet and enjoy the nature that surrounds you!
Streets in Campo de Criptana
Windmills Route
The regrouping of the towns of Criptana, Villajos and Posadas Viejas give place to the municipality of Campo de Criptana. Through Campo de Criptana passed many cultures; it was a border town until 1212, after the battle of Navas de Tolosa, when the Christians settled there for good. Following the Ruta del Quijote we find ourselves in Campo de Criptana with one of the three oldest windmills in Spain: the Sardinero who, along with the windmill of Burleta e Infanto, was included more than 21 years ago as National Patrimony in Spain and of cultural interest.
Villages in Almagro
I really liked Almagro, the square is wonderful. I had heard of it and seen pictures, but to see it live is impressive. Unfortunately I had no time to see the town slowly, and I only saw a few blocks, so I'll have to go back. If you saw was its theater, you'd be amazed at how well preserved it is. I heard before that it was forbidden to perform comedies, so they had a theatre in a barn and performed clandestinely. They say there are only two theaters in europe of this genre that still represent theater, one in England and east of Almagro. I'll have to go back to enjoy this very special corner of the world.
Squares in Almagro
Plaza Mayor
Not much else can be used to describe this beautiful place that has not already been said. It was built in around 1372, when King Henry II allowed the population to hold two fairs but these were during the sixteenth century when the Fugger (Fúcares) family arrived and there was major transformation. The site is rectangular and somewhat irregular. Initially, running galleries were public and open, used in order to see public ceremonies and holidays. Yet with the arrival of this family and because of the influence from Central Europe, these galleries were glazed, which is what we see today. These characteristics make it "unique". In the 1960s restoration began and these ended in 1967.
Villages in Campo de Criptana
Historical Monuments in Almagro
Corral De Comedias
The comedy theatre in Almagro is the only comedy theatre from the Golden Age in all the world that has remained in its original place. It is spectacular. It's still active and all types of plays go on here. If you are in this town, you have no excuse not to visit, especially since it's right in the main square, which is also beautiful. Being there you can imagine the comedians performing, actors from yesteryear playing out newly written works by the great masters of Spanish literature, aristocrats in the stands ... Being there brings the culture alive, even though you're fully aware that it all happened many years ago. Http :/ / www.Turismocastillalamancha.Com/arte-cultura/monumentos/almagro/corral-de-comedias/
Of Cultural Interest in Alcázar de San Juan
Villages in San Carlos del Valle
Castles in Poblete
Alarcos Castle
More than just the castle, I would talk about the rich, historic archeological site of Alarcos, because this headland (besides the castle) has been inhabited since the Bronze Ages. Through the years, there has been numerous populations living in this land, with deconstructions, reconstructions, etc. Having said that, the castle of Alarcos and the Battle of Alarcos, where the Moorish troops gave a lesson on strategy to the Christian troops led by Alfonso VIII of Castilla during the reconquest are what this land is known for. The positioning of the site is strategic, as it watches over the fertile valleys where the waters of the Guadiana river flow by, as well as a great part of the prairies of Calatrava. The positioning was buried for many years, but the archeological efforts to extract the remains and clean up the site, which still continues today, has allowed the public to come see what remains. Of course, it’s worth taking the guided tour. We had a really nice and helpful guide that told us everything we wanted to know on our tour. It was a rather long guided visit, but one that showed us the minute details of the history and archeology of the site. I mean, it was really amazing what we found out. Another thing they talked to us about was the idea that after the reconquest, I great city was built on this site that is currently the highlands of Alarcos, but after many failed coups, and blaming problems on bad luck and problems with religious beliefs, as well as historical problems with lack of prosperity in repopulated towns, they finally opted to construct a big city a few kilometers from Alarcos – which is known as Ciudad Real.
Castles in Argamasilla de Alba
Roads in Villanueva de los Infantes
Historical Monuments in Carrión de Calatrava
Wineries in Socuéllamos
Squares in Ciudad Real
Museums in Tomelloso
Historical Monuments in Ciudad Real
Villages in Valdepeñas