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Things to do in Girona

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The top 149 attractions in Girona

Cathedrals in Girona
Girona Cathedral
This in an infrared shot of the cathedral in Girona with it's daunting stairs. I think the single person, in white, can be seen to symbolize man's quest for spirituality.
Rivers in Girona
Onyar River
Onyar River is a major natural axis of the city, which has been a centre for urban development throughout its history. As well as the beautiful terraced houses that you can see here, the bridges were important, for its historical role in uniting the old town and the market. Sadly there are no traces of these old Romanesque bridges, but four more recently-constructed major bridges can now be seen. 1. Isabel II Bridge or stone bridge, built in the mid-nineteenth century. 2. The Eiffel Bridge or fishmongers' old bridge, dating from 1876. 3. The Bridge of San Agustin. 4. Gomez Bridge. From each of these, you'll have a view of the river itself and of the city's beautiful terraced houses.
Cities in Girona
Houses on the River Onyar
I saw photos of this place and what I saw made me want to go to Girona. I had been told of this city and I was eager to see it. And when I did, I understood why it was so highly acclaimed. Upon arrival you instantly realize. For me, the best thing about the city is the Old Town. For some reason, these colored houses surrounded by a green river have a special charm like a Mediterranean city, a welcoming city. Walking along the river and crossing the bridge that takes you into the beautiful city streets is something every travel lover should do. A special place.
Of Cultural Interest in Girona
Barri Vell (Girona Old Town)
Among the many beautiful things to see in Girona, you have to take a look at the hanging houses that stand at the entrance to the Barri Vell, of Old Town. They're especially beautiful at sunset. In the old town you'll find Girona Cathedral and the captivating historic Jewish neighborhood. It's a real pleasure to walk through the streets and over the bridges, including the Eiffel Bridge designed by Alexandre Gustave Eiffel himself. Girona is a magical city where you'll never get tired of exploring.
Neighborhoods in Girona
Call Jueu
This part of Girona is the old Jewish Quarter. They lived here for more than 600 years and their presence is still clear in some of the buildings, narrow streets between high walls that make this zone so special. It' not surprising that they chose this neighbourhood to film "Perfume". The feel is a French town from 18th century. The book's better than the film.
Exhibitions in Girona
Temps de Flors Flower Festival
I cannot think of a better way to enjoy the spring than to visit Girona during the Temps de Flors, usually in May. The whole city, its institutions and people, decorate their houses, balconies, stairs, patios and entire buildings with floral decorations and, for 9 days, the city is a giant garden. The streets become a showroom, with original works such as a giant champagne cork made with 35,000 corks, 3,000 meters of fishing line, 1,000 staples and 50 meters of tin. In 2012, it reached its 57th year, with new features such as a spectacular opening night. Restaurants also joined in, offering special menus that often included flowers in the preparation of the dishes.
Bridges in Girona
Eiffel Bridge
The Eiffel Bridge is one of the most striking in Girona for its deep red color and so much metal, like a small Eiffel Tower lying down. The bridge was built by Gustave Eiffel's company in 1876, and represented a breakthrough in terms of the unity and cohesion of the city as it connects directly the heart of the old city with the new city. A must in Girona.
Churches in Girona
Esglesia de Sant Feliu
You only need to enter the Old Town of Girona and you instantly begin to climb and find an imposing church, and it you are confused or forgot your art history class you will think it is a normal cathedral. It is not. It's beautiful on the back, which gives way to the entrance of the Cathedral Square and on it's porch a beautiful staircase.
Statues in Girona
Kissing the Lion
The legend says that you have to kiss the butt of the lioness when you come to Girona for good luck. It is located next to the Cathedral of Santa Coloma. Girona has two cathedrals and this is something unheard of in most cities and one of the churches has the largest dome in Europe.
Streets in Girona
Rambla de la Libertad
La Rambla de la Liberty, is the most important urban hub of the old town of Girona. It follows parallel to the river, and is the entry way to the historic center. The current design dates back from 1885, and is the work of the municipal architect Marti Sureda. It's one of the busiest streets in the capital, and has nice terraces under arcades, and many restaurant. They lure you to them to eat lunch in this beautiful public space along the spectacular ancient city.
Historical Monuments in Girona
Banys Àrabs (Arab Baths)
If you pass through Gerona do not miss this wonder. Apart from being a beautiful monument, that is very well preserved, you will be happy to see it lite up like a work of modern art. You'll find every corner different but they are all in tune with the rest of the set. As the visit is very short, just 20 minutes or less, I recommend that you should go in each room and admire them slowly.
Squares in Girona
Plaza de la Catedral
Girona has many stairs, and the square of the Cathedral of Santa Maria is no different - there are stairs on either side to reach the cathedral. The square is quite small, further highlighting the height of the cathedral, which rises past the steps. Whenever we walk to the old town, we end up going through this square.
Gardens in Girona
Of Cultural Interest in Girona
Walking the City Walls
The Girona City Walls are located in the northeast corner of Girona and circle the old city before ending at the Arab baths. You can stroll along the remains of the ancient walls that protected the city, most of which date from between the ninth and fifteenth centuries! It's one of the most beautiful parts of Girona, with great natural views.
Bus Stations in Girona
Girona Bus Station
The Girona Bus Station is located right across from the train station, so it's easy to travel around. The station has a beautiful structure, and offers standard services like restaurants, toilets, and shops. You can make domestic and international connections here, as well as urban and suburban routes.
Tourist Information in Girona
Girona Tourist Information Office
The tourist office of Girona is found in a historic building in one of the most important streets in the city: La Rambla de la Llibertat, a tree-lined promenade which leads to the city centre. It's the perfect location for visitors. In this office, there's plenty of information not just about Girona capital, but about the rest of the province, too. There are two other tourist information points in the city.
Of Cultural Interest in Girona
Mare de Deu del Mont Sanctuary
The sanctuary of the Mare de Deu del Mont is in the mountains of Mont. The sanctuary was remodeled in 2002 and is a very welcoming place not only for its unique landscape but for its peace and quiet. On clear days you can see the Gulf of Roses.
Of Cultural Interest in Girona
Pont d'en Gómez
The Pont d'en Gómez, also known as the Pont de la Princesa, crosses the River Onyar to join Plaza de San Felix with Paseo Canalejas. You can easily cross it on foot to reach the Dehesa, one of the best public green spaces in the region, and on the other side is the old town, leading to the church of Sant Feliu and the cathedral. On the way you'll pass the famous lioness, and tradition dictates that you should kiss her on the bum!

The best things to do in Girona

Located in the autonomous community of Catalonia, Girona enjoys a Mediterranean climate with many sunny days throughout the year. The main things to see in Girona that you can't miss on the trip includes the Cathedral of Santa Maria de
located at the
highest point of the city, which has the widest Gothic nave in the world. Another one of the many attractions in Girona is the monastery of San Pedro de Galligans, a former Benedictine Abbey, which has been the headquarters of the Archaeology Museum of Catalonia since 1857. Other important places to visit in Girona that make this Catalan city a space for culture are: the city's History Museum, located in the center of the old neighborhood, the Art Museum, founded in 1976 and located in the old episcopal palace, the Museum of Cinema, the Museum of Jewish History and the Rafael Masó Foundation. Among Girona activities to add to your list, you can't miss visiting any of these museums. Stuff to do in Girona outside the capital include visiting the Benedictine Monastery of San Pedro de Roda, which is in the municipality of Puerto de la Selva. One of the biggest
attractions can be found along the Onar River, in
particular, among the hanging houses. It's worth strolling along the banks of the river and crossing its bridges to enjoy this beautiful landscape. However, the most important things to do in Girona are attending the celebrations of San Narciso, of Tiempo de Flores, and the Easter holidays. For more on what to do in
Girona, look on Minube today and discover a new world in Spain!