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Things to do in Huelva

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The top 132 attractions in Huelva

Historical Monuments in Huelva
Rio Tinto Pier
It is a beautiful place to see the sunset in Huelva. It is a place used by wedding photographers, gangs of teenagers, loners, but above all it is a place for couples and fishermen, although who knows what they get out of these waters. It is a nice walk. A touch of beauty in an area that is otherwise quite ugly, industrial and unattractive.
Historical Monuments in Huelva
Monument to Discoverer Faith
The Discoverer Faith Monument is dedicated to Christopher Columbus and is one of the main symbols of Huelva. It is located at the confluence of the rivers Tinto and Odiel (called Punta del Sebo), about 4 km from the city center and almost opposite La Rabida, where you can find Columbian Caravels Pier and the Monastery La Rabida. The image of Columbus stands on a pedestal representing the Aztec, Inca, Maya and Christian faiths, as well as commemorative plates. It was designed in a cubist style by Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney in 1929.
Bars in Huelva
This place is in the tallest part of the capital of Huelva. It has the story of African countries since their entrance with a door brought from the same continent with centuries of history. You can see the foot of the capital. The bridge gives access to its shores and one of the most lovely sunsets ever seen. Mandala is a historic place to see.
Shopping Malls in Huelva
Aqualon Puerto
The largest and most modern shopping center in the capital of Huelva is the Aqualon Port, opened in 2000 and located opposite the Parque de Zafra. It occupies an entire block (17,300 m2) and is surrounded by the streets José Manuel Carrión, Av In Latin America and North Avenue. It has about 90 shops selling big brands such as Bershka, Stradivarius, Massimo Dutti, Zara, Oysho, Punto Roma, Tenths, Bijoux Brigitte, Calzedonia etc. As in all malls, the top floor is dedicated to entertainment and dining, with 9 cinemas and several fast food restaurants, sandwich shops, and cafes. There is also a splendid terrace from which there are excellent views of the harbor and docks. It's a shame that in the news late last year (2008) I read that the creator and owner of the shopping center is a property developer and because of the crisis in the sector, has filed bankruptcy. Now the building has become property of the bank funding the project, so its future is quite uncertain. Let's hope that it can stay in business.
Squares in Huelva
Square of the Nuns
The Nuns Square is right in the centre of the capital of Huelva, amongst the pedestrian shopping streets and the old town. It has owed its name since the sixteenth century to the Augustinian convent located here and throughout its history it has undergone numerous renovations and expansions. In this square, in addition to the convent, there are other important and well known buildings and places of interest such as the Palace of the Dukes of Medina Sidonia (XVII century), the former Hotel Paris and the Bank of Spain. It's a large square, with a bandstand, an ornamental fountain and a tourist information point. It is included in the routes of all of the processions during Holy Week. It is worth visiting.
Palaces in Huelva
Edificio Hotel París
This magnificent building is located in the heart of the city, near the Plaza of the Nuns, on the corner of C / Palace. It's a pretty big palace, which has recently been completely renovated as an office building. It was built in the seventeenth century in a neoclassical style. It has a striking semicircular tower in the corner and the whole facade is decorated with typical Andalusian tiles.
Churches in Huelva
The Miraculous Church or Our Lady of the Sea
Entering the city from Seville station on C / Rabida, heading to the Plaza of the Nuns, I stumbled upon this church, built in 1923 in a Gothic style. It was designed by the famous architect José M ª Carasa, although it has been rebuilt and restored since. On the left side is the Chapel of Mercy. The facade is notable for its rich decoration full of pinnacles, spiers and arches. It has three naves and three entrance gates, with a beautiful bell tower. It houses the images of Our Lady Star of the Sea in the main altar (the church is also known by this name) and Our Lady of the Miraculous in the atrium.
Sports-Related in Huelva
La Merced Bullring
You can find the bullring at the foot of the Barrio del Conquero, and only three blocks from the Cathedral of Mercy. As in many other parts of Andalusia, in Huelva it is a great hobby. The bullring has always been located in this square, but the one that you see today is the third bullring built here. It is relatively new, opened in 1984. The facade is very eye-catching, with vivid red, yellow and blue colours, combined with mud bricks taken from the Odiel. It is also very large, occupying the entire block and has a capacity for 7,123 spectators. The main bullfights take place during the Columbian holidays (first week of August) and La Cinta (1st week of September). Since it was open in the back (they were doing some kind of work) I sneaked in to take some pictures...
Theaters in Huelva
The Grand Theater
The Grand Theatre is the main point of contact with the culture of the capital of Huelva. It is in the historical and commercial center, in a side street off the Plaza of the Nuns on the other side of the Palace of Shells, surrounded by interesting places to visit. It is a 3-storey structure in neoclassical style, constructed in the year 1923 as a result of the height of the social and cultural life of the period,because of increased trade and business from the industrial revolution and the Rio Tinto mining. It is managed by the Board of Culture of the City, with a theater for things such asopera, dance, concerts, etc.. It can hold up to 644 people and box office hours are Tuesday to Friday 11-13 h and 19-21 h.
Leisure Areas in Huelva
Royal Fair in Huelva
The fairgrounds of Huelva is on land on the ouutside of the city, close to Nuevo Colombino Stadium, Muelle de Rio Tinto, and close to Huelva Interpretation Center, Atlantic Gateway. It is known as "Columbian Exhibition," as the most important holidays are held during the last week of July and 1st of August, being the big day on August 3, when they celebrate the departure of the ships of Columbus to America. During those days installing the Real de la Feria in this expanse of 10 hectares of extension: The houses, the rocks, the concert stage, the amusement park ... I visited Huelva few days after the party, so it was almost all removed.
Shopping Malls in Huelva
Costa Luz Shopping Centre
An English court like any other, although not very big, with 3 basements for parking, a basement with a supermarket, and ground floor (cafe, restaurant, hairdresser , post office, and stores), and 1st floor. Actually, I went into this mall by chance, as it is between El Barrio de Reina Victoria and the Museum of Huelva. I had spent the morning kicking the city, it was three in the afternoon and was 37 °, so I just wanted to sit a while, eat something quick and especially air conditioning! In that area I saw that there was no restaurants or cafes so I ended up eating at the restaurant of the Court.
Palaces in Huelva
Las Conchas Palace
This palace is home to the Tourist Information Office of the Government of Andalusia. It is located just opposite the Grand Theatre, in the pedestrian shopping center of the city and very close to the Plaza of the Nuns. Like the theater, it was built in the early twentieth century in a neoclassical style. The highlights are its facade, towers, balconies with decorative details and the different shapes of window that give the building its name. Inside is a hall lined with typical Andalusian tiles and stained glass windows. It is a beautiful place.
Cathedrals in Huelva
Stadiums in Huelva
Nuevo Colombino Stadium
Along the fairground or Colombino they celebrate the main celebrations of the city is the football stadium, named Nuevo Colombino, because it replaces the last one. It is a bit out of the heart of the city, but in the surrounding area are 2 attractions: El Muelle de Rio Tinto and Huelva Interpretation Center, Atlantic Gateway. It is big establishment that is 61,350 m2, of which 15,000 are for commercial and recreational purposes. It has a parking lot. The stadium has 3 levels of steps, with total capacity for 20,670 people and home to the team "Recreativo de Huelva".
Gardens in Huelva
Of Cultural Interest in Huelva
Garages of the Port
Opposite the waterfront and within the grounds of the Zafra park, is the Interpretive Center. It was originally designed in 1909 by the director of the Port of Huelva, Francisco Montenegro. It formerly served as locomotive depot and warehouse for the Port of Huelva, but is now a Center that attempts to explain the effects of the industrial revolution and mining in this province. It is also used as a cultural center, where theatrical events take place. Admission is free.
Museums in Huelva
Churches in Huelva

The best things to do in Huelva

Are you wondering what to do in Huelva? The town is small and quite easy to get around because you can walk to most of the places; however, despite its size, there are countless things to do in Huelva.

There are several monuments and places to visit in Huelva which will remind you of its past conquerors. Visiting the Monument to the Fe Conquistadora, the Monument to Columbus in the Plaza of the Nuns, or Columbus House (from the 19th century) are just some of the amazing stuff to do in Huelva.

Most of the best things to see in Huelva are concentrated in the city centre, like the Cathedral of the Merced, the Institute La Rabida, the Shrine of the Cinta, or the convent of the Augustinians. The list of Huelva attractions seems endless. The Tharsis Wharf and Pier Tinto are two things to see in Huelva that will you remind you of the city's mining history. Their construction is of English origin and contrast with the rest of the traditional architecture of the city. The archaeological site of San Pedro, the Archaeological Museum, the site of the Isle of Saltés, and the Huelva Visitor Center are some of the places where you can learn more about the city's past.

Just outside the city, the Odiel Marshes is one of the most beautiful attractions in Huelva. Due to its great natural diversity, it was declared a Biosphere Reserve. It's ideal for bird watching because this haven of peace is the resting place for many bird species during their migratory path to warmer lands. There's no more need to think it over, come discover all Huelva activities.