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Things to do in Reus

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The top 62 attractions in Reus

Museums in Reus
Gaudí Centre
Gaudí revolutionized architecture and built many of Barcelona’s most iconic buildings. But, Gaudí was originally from Reus but, as the Spanish saying goes, “no one is a prophet in their own land”, and Gaudí never built anything in his hometown. But, this center does offer a way to get to know his work and understand the originality and genius behind his style of architecture which started as simple experimentation and ended up giving birth to the Sagrada Familia Cathedral. The best part is that you can touch everything and it is completely interactive.
Of Cultural Interest in Reus
Modernist Route
This is an interesting and fun walk through the center of Reus where, aside from simply enjoying the ambiance of the stores in downtown, you can see the 23 buildings which comprise the Modernist Route. The route is indicated by plaques which give you some information about when the buildings were built and the architects behind them. It’s a great way to broaden your knowledge about this most Catalan of styles and just enjoy a beautiful day in the city. To be honest, many of the buildings rival those found in downtown Barcelona. In fact, Gaudí was born in Reus, a fact which helps explain the city’s love for Modernism and the artist himself, a love that is palpable as you explore the city center. The route finishes with a visit to the Gaudí Center where there’s a museum which explains his life and work. There is also a smaller secondary route which follows the artist’s path through the most emblematic places in his boyhood home.
Cities in Reus
Gaudi Centre Reus
In my continuous route of modernist cities of Catalonia, Reus was the last stop. A city steeped in history, tradition and the birthplace of important characters like Gaudi, Prim and the painter Fortuny. Its historic center is an allegory to modernism as there is a perfectly suitable modernist route of 23 buildings, however there are many more listed as such. If Terrassa recently surprised me by its incredible atmosphere, its streets and shops, then something similar happened in Reus. I hadn't found a city so vibrant and so Mediterranean (in the sense that everyone's in the street, bars or terraces). Its historic center is full of shopsand it is one of the largest commercial concentrations in Catalonia. A city that seduces, despite being humble and sometimes unnoticed. It is close to the caliber of cities like Tarragona and Barcelona. I spent the day enjoying its beautiful places and for sure I'll repeat soon. Reus deserves a few more visits, the beaches are nearby, the mountain are close and the Port Avntura too. A luxury!
Squares in Reus
Plaça del Mercadal
Plaza del Mercadal is in the historic center of Reus and is where the market was formerly celebrated. Today it is the meeting point for citizens of Reus and visitors and has buildings like City Hall, the Gaudí Centre and Casa Nava.
Of Cultural Interest in Reus
Casa Navas
For my tastes, this is one of the prettiest modernist homes in Reus, and it’s located in downtown in Plaza de Mercadal, the same one as the Town Hall. It was built by the architect Domènech i Montaner. On the ground floor, there’s a bakery/candy shop that belongs to the descendants of the original owners. The home has tons of details, but to visit the inside you need to reserve a visit through the Tourism Office. It’s worth it to pass by, even if to just admire it from the outside.
Of Cultural Interest in Reus
Institut Pere Mata
The “Pavilion of the Distinguished” (as you can guess, it was where the most prestigious guests were received) is a wonderful and well-preserved example of Art Nouveau. The main hall is amazing and the lamp in the “kitchen” is overwhelming. There are lots of mosaics, tiles, and glasswork. When the sun enters through the windows, the whole place fills with color. It’s really worth the visit. The entry fee is only 5 euros and it includes a guidebook. Ask around in the Reus Tourism Office.
Gardens in Reus
Sant Jordi Park
Park located north of Reus, it was recently beside the grounds of the Fira de Reus but now its neighbor is a mall. It's near the train station, has a modernist aesthetic and is a green lung for Reus, important not only for plant species, but for the equipment intended primarily for use by children. The car park is next to Plaza Llibertat. It is easily to reach the commercial area of ​​Reus from here and it has a bus stop, as well as links to other places in Reus and leads to Salou.
Shopping Malls in Reus
El Pallol
Reus mall is outdoors. It started very strongly but is now in a period of decline after announcing the retirement of the Hipercor store, the other stores are not very representative and don't appeal to many people. The idea is good but not in a time of ongoing crisis. Let's wait and see what happens because it would be a shame to lose it, given its location and comfort.
Shops in Reus
Strolling through Reus on Saturday I discovered this shop with shirts and original accessories, many of them brought back childhood memories. The shop isn't very big and is decorated in an original and different way. On the right are men's shirts, on the left, accessories and girl's items. Accustomed to the uniformity of many shops and the vulgarity of others I was grateful to find such a place. I started buying a Mazinger Z ... And it won't be the last.
Churches in Reus
Priory of St Peter
The Priory of St. Peter is one of the most important monuments in Reus. Gothic in style and dating from the XVI century it is dedicated to St. Peter (patron of the city). It was baptized by the architect Antonio Gaudi. It was built on the remains of Santa Maria Romanesque church and its bell tower is 200 feet high. It's in the historic center of Reus, around Plaza del Mercadal and City Hall.
Shops in Reus
Asia City
Asia City is an oriental food store, specialising in Chinese food, which I usually go to to buy sauces, dumplings, noodles and a few other things. The variety of products is surprising, some of them are truly bizarre but almost all have labeling in Castilian. The shop assistants are quite friendly and cater to your needs. Suitable for oriental food lovers, really competitive prices and generally good quality.
Squares in Reus
Pintor Fortuny Square
This important XIX century painter has a place in Reus, his hometown, which is very close to Plaza Llibertat, and where you spend time when you enter the shopping area of ​​Reus. The square has a statue dedicated to the painter, which stands out against the neoclassical facade of a building where houses the headquarters of a bank.
Of Cultural Interest in Reus
House Homdedéu
Another modernist building in the old town of Reus is Homdedeu House, noted by a hexagonal gold plate on the floor. This modernist building was designed by Pere Casellas, notice some medieval features conferred by the Gothic elements in the facade. It is very close to a public car park and shopping area that makes Reus easily visited.
Of Cultural Interest in Reus
Tuberculous Clinic
This small building is part of the Modernist Route and was built in 1926, during the final years of modernism, by the architect Joan Rubio y Bellver. It is attached to the Hospital de San Juan and, at the time, housed tuberculosis patients. It stands out due to its tiered roof and neoclassical facade with stone columns, the door is arched and there´s two windows on the sides.
Hiking in Reus
Reus at the Mussara
For this excursion, we went to Reus by train and the goal was to reach Mussara, an ancient village belonging to the municipality of Vilaplana in the Catalan region of Costa Dorada (Tarragona). It's been uninhabited since 1959. From the train station we headed to Camp Castellvell where the GR-72/camí vell de Prades (Prades old road) begins. We passed Picarany urbanization and climbed towards l'Aleixar pel Mas de Borbó. Near Mas de Borbó we found stunning oaks and followed the path up to the Coll de la Batalla, named for a battle between the army of Ramon Berenguer IV and the Wali of Siurana in the Reconquest. Keep on the GR-72/Camí Vell de Prades and when you see the chapel of Mas d'Anguera you'll find a crossroads and a sign with 4 directions: A Vilaplana, Mas d'Anguera-la Selva, Reus and Prades. We continued climbing through woods and across more than one road. Follow the path that leads to the font of Roure and then up to Mussara antennas where you begin to find snow. We soon reached the abandoned village of Mussara. I leave you with a video.
Statues in Reus
Of Cultural Interest in Reus
Serra House
Serra House, included in the modernist route, was designed in 1924 by Joan Rubio i Bellver, a disciple of Gaudí. It is on the Raval de Santa Anna, in the historic center of Reus. It is late Modernist with Anglo-German influences.
Of Cultural Interest in Reus