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Things to do in Little Rock

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The top 8 attractions in Little Rock

Historical Monuments in Little Rock
William J. Clinton Presidential Center and Park
The Clinton Presidential Center is the legacy of Bill Clinton, former president and Arkansas' most famous citizen. More than just a museum, the William J. Clinton Presidential Center has interactive displays outlining the campaign, presidency, and legacy of Bill Clinton a well as auxiliary facilities like classrooms and archives. The coolest part of the Clinton Presidential Center is the full-size replica of the Oval Office, the only one in existence if I remember correctly. To say that nailed every detail to a tee is an understatement. It was really cool! Don't forget to snap a photo at the desk, it'll make for a great conversation starter! There's also a recreation of the Cabinet Room but it in't quite a neat. The Clinton Presidential Center also hosts regular travelling exhibits so make sure to check ahead of time on the website to see if there's anything interesting going on. I'd also like to make a special mention of 42, the center's restaurant. The food is good and features locally-sourced meats and produce and the prices are reasonable. If you're going to be visiting Little Rock, the William J. Clinton Presidential Center should be on your Top 5!
Museums in Little Rock
Historic Arkansas Museum
The Historic Arkansas Museum in a charming museum in Little Rock that recounts the history of the state of Arkansas through the artworks and craftsmanship of its citizens. The museum has a permanent collection that includes everything from fine art to antique firearms to hunting horns, all produces by Arkansas artisans. The Caddo pottery and early caplock pistols are definitely among the most interesting items you'll find. The Historic Arkansas Museum also has several free gallery spaces where they host temporary and traveling exhibits ranging from paintings from up-and-coming Arkansas artists to the largest collection of Bowie knives in the world. You can check out the website ahead of time to see what's showing during your trip to Little Rock. Another interesting exhibit at the Historic Arkansas Museum are the fully-resorted frontier cabins on display. There are even workers in period costumes to add a little realism and humor to the mix. All and all, the museum is large, modern, and actually quite interesting and I'd definitely recommend it to anyone passing through Arkansas.
Gardens in Little Rock
Riverfront Park
Riverfront Park is a large urban park in downtown Little Rock, Arkansas that provides 11 blocks of beautiful green space along the Arkansas River and offers plenty of activities for kids and adults. It's an interesting place because you can see the actual "little rock" (or, in the case of the early French explorers, "la petit roche") that gave name to the capital of Arkansas. The park is obviously a nice place to go for a stroll but it also has several attractions for the more culturally-inclined. The First Security Amphitheater is an outdoor concert venue where they hold evening concerts in the spring and summer and there is also a pleasant sculpture garden adorned with flowers and streams and even a small water park where you can spend a fun (and, importantly, free!) morning playing with the kids. It's clear that the park is part of Arkansas' initiative to get local people in shape and take health and wellness into consideration. There's even a "Medical Mile" mural which outlines the benefits of staying healthy. Regardless of your shape or size, Riverfront Park is a lovely place to come and learn a bit about the history of Little Rock while enjoying the fresh air and riverside views.
Zoos in Little Rock
Little Rock Zoo
The Little Rock Zoo is one of the most popular sights in Little Rock, Arkansas and the sprawling grounds are home to over 700 animals from all corners of the globe. The park is divided into four sections (North, South, East, and West). One of the best places to start your visit is the North zone, which is home to the big cats (always a favorite) and some of the larger African mammals like rhinos (the elephants are in the South). Another favorite stop is the West zone with its bears and giraffe barn. You can get up close and personal with these long-necked gentle giants and even feed them from the palm of your hand! Also, don't miss the great apes in the East part, especially Trudy the Gorilla, something of a local celebrity in Little Rock. It costs $12 to visit the zoo with discounts for senior citizens and children. Besides just delighting at the animals, there are also educational centers like the Zooventure Center where you can take the kids to learn more about conservation and how the zoo cares for the animals. All in all, it's a great place to spend the day whether with kids, your significant other, or just milling around and snapping some photos of the animals.
Historical Monuments in Little Rock
Arkansas State Capitol
The Arkansas State Capitol is the home of the Arkansas state government and one of the most iconic places in Little Rock, Arkansas. The capital building was built over 100 years ago of sterling white limestone and the gardened grounds have several monuments to Veterans, Civil War soldiers, Confederate Women, Civil Rights leaders, and Medal of Honor winners. The Arkansas State Capitol is open throughout the entire work week and you can go and visit and even take a tour of the building and gardens. You can arrange guided tours by calling ahead, but they also have audio and PDF guides for download. The best option is probably downloading the audio guide to your smartphone to explore the capitol while learning a bit about the history behind the various monuments and architectural motifs. Speaking of architecture, some of the rooms are really quite beautiful. The Old Supreme Court chambers and the Governor's reception room are true works of art and have been restored perfectly. And, as it's a public building, the visit are free! It's not a place to spend an entire day (unless you're an Arkansas history buff!) but it's a nice and interesting morning visit in downtown Little Rock.
Of Touristic Interest in Little Rock
Robinson Center
The Robinson Center is a beautiful and attention-grabbing building and art center in Little Rock, Arkansas' Statehouse Plaza. It's located near the Old Statehouse Museum (another must-see during your trip to Little Rock) and you'll notice it immediately for it's art-deco feel and massive Greek-style columns. While the Walton Arts Center might be the best performing arts center in Arkansas, the Robinson Center is definitely the most beautiful and the best place to see music and theater in Little Rock. The Robinson Center is home to the Little Rock Symphony Orchestra and also hosts all kinds of traveling pays, especially Broadway and off-Broadway touring groups. You can check the dates of your trip to Little Rock and see what's on...you'll find everything from gospel choirs to children's theater to full-on classical orchestras. One little interesting tidbit for history buffs: the Robinson Center was built during the Great Depression as park of FDR's famous Public Works Program. Cool place. Check it out!
Museums in Little Rock
Arkansas Arts Center
The Arkansas Arts Center is a one-stop shop for the culturally-inclined: there is, of course, a great art museum (the best in Arkansas), a children's theater, a cafe, and classrooms for painting, sculpture, and ceramics classes. Let's start from the top. The museum has a pretty great collection of artists like Picasso, Rembrandt, and Degas as well as a smattering of local and contemporary artists. They also hold regular traveling and temporary exhibits featuring major international artists or local up-and-comers. If you're traveling with kids, make sure to stop in the Children's Theater. They hold plays and interactive activities based around popular fairy-tales or children's books. The best part is that, with the exception of events and special exhibits, the Arkansas Arts Center is free to the public and open every day of the week. If you're in Little Rock, it's a great place to check out some world-class artworks.
Of Touristic Interest in Little Rock
Big Dam Bridge
The Big Dam Bridge in Little Rock, Arkansas is the nation's longest pedestrian bridge and crosses the Arkansas River. It's built above the Murray Lock Dam and offers some really gorgeous view of the river and the city in the distance. If you're an aspiring photographer, I couldn't recommend a better place to start in Little Rock than the Big Dam Bridge. Other than the views, the bridge also makes for a nice place to jog or simply get some fresh air. The landings on either side of the Arkansas River are parks and are nice places for an evening stroll when the bridge is all lit up. In the end, it's just a bridge, but an especially unique and beautiful one and it makes for a great reference point when you're out and about in Little Rock. Check it out!

The best things to do in Little Rock

Are you organizing your trip to this city, but don't really know what to do in Little Rock? Don't worry, there are many things to see in
Little Rock
that will surprise you. Located in the southern state of Arkansas, USA, it's a few kilometers from cities like Memphis or
Dallas. Of all the Little Rock activities to experience today, some of the highlights include touring the city's architectural elements and enjoying the city's relaxed atmosphere. In the center of town, one of the main places to visit in Little Rock is the Arkansas State Capitol, which is the building where the state government convenes. Other very interesting attractions in Little Rock that you just have to see include the historical church, which is also the city's seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese, and the Statehouse Convention Center. One of the country's most profound social struggles was played out in this city's classrooms. Central High School is where the African American Civil Rights Movement took place, because they couldn't go to school with other white students. Today it has become a museum to remember these oppressive times and other
human rights
movements. It's one of the most interesting things to do in Little Rock today.
If what you really like is being outdoors, then throw on a pair of running shoes and head to the Arkansas River. It has over 15 miles of greenways along the riverbank.
finally, there's nothing better than enjoying the city's nightlife. In the northern areas of Little Rock and downtown, there's lots of stuff to do in Little Rock at night. Don't wait any longer to explore this fantastic area of ​​the United States and all the unique
Little Rock attractions!