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Things to do in Illinois

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The top 261 attractions in Illinois

Historical Monuments in Chicago
The Bean
The truth is one will be fascinated when they prove the perfection that is this piece of work. Don´t rely on the people that say it is modern sculpture and that its not worth it to go see it, etc. It is incredible! How can one come to something so perfect in dimension? I have no idea, for that reason I will admire it so much. The views of the skyscrapers are spectacular, also. This stop should be included in whatever of the routes by Chicago.
Of Cultural Interest in Chicago
Navy Pier
Pier Park is the amusement park at Navy Pier. The star attraction is a gigantic ferris wheel 150 feet high, from which you can get spectacular views of the Chicago skyline. It has 40 gondolas which seat up to 6 people and it was built for the Chicago World's Fair of 1893. But there are other attractions such as miniature golf, a carousel-style musical of the 20s, a lake with remote control boats, or the "Wave Swinger" (swivel chairs).
Viewpoints in Chicago
Willis Tower
It doesn´t matter that everyone knows it, that you think its very seen, or if you feel like something different. You cannot leave without making this visit! All that they have told you is little in comparison to what you feel when you go up on the last floor of this skyscraper. The strong point of the visit is when you are over the structure of metacrilato that you will find on one of the lateral sides that lets you enjoy the views without bars. If you have vertigo you will have made an error to go up.
Of Cultural Interest in Chicago
John Hancock Tower
This magnificent viewpoint is on the 94th floor of Hancock Tower. Although it seems very high, the ascent from the basement only takes half a minute. Once you get to the top, you get a new perspective of Chicago. The views, obviously, are amazing. The advantage over Sears Tower is that it is in a more central location with a direct view over Lake Michigan. If you have only budgeted for one viewpoint, take this one. The visit includes the rental of a hearing aid to understanding what you are seeing and a drink at the bar. After all the bells and whistles, you will spend an hour there, so I believe that is a worthwhile investment. That's not to mention the views, of course ...
Of Cultural Interest in Chicago
Downtown Chicago
This is one of the most spectacular cities in the US. It has a historic centre full of contrasts - from one of the world's tallest buildings, a reversed river to avoid bad smells, and historic buildings built by famous architects. It's undoubtedly an architect's paradise and will make your jaw drop.
Historical Monuments in Chicago
Chicago Water Tower
It's amazing. I remember my father telling me over and over again how great it was, and when I saw the water tower, I understood why. In the middle of a forest of skyscrapers, this curious tower stands alone. Architectural merit depends on individual taste, rather than charm. One of the few buildings crafted in Chicago before the last big fire (1869). A very interesting contrast between old and new. If you keep walking, you will appear on the beach.
Stadiums in Chicago
United Center
In true local style, I raised my hand and got a taxi to the United Center, where the Chicago Bulls were playing. The best thing about an NBA game is that you can drink beer, so I drank two during the Bulls game. And I had some pork ribs. This is what you call full immersion in American popular cuisine. I can already feel my cholesterol rising. United States is one place where I don't feel out of place for being chubby. Fat people here are very fat. It wouldn't surprise me if I saw a live a heart attack. The NBA game was great. The show is in the stands: bands play classic blues-rock. It exudes something special. I slept during the third quarter, I was awake for 24 hours. More www.Nosinmimochila.Com
Neighborhoods in Chicago
The Loop
The Loop is a structure of iron and railways, it is a raised train which connects the city by way of a 'loop'. You have probably seen it in the many movies filmed in Chicago, e.g. "What Women Want" in which the protagonist could hear what women were thinking in a passing train .... . In this as in so many others have seen the famous train .... The train has a lot of real local pride, it was built in 1880 and still runs excellently. No line runs fully in a circular flow, as was the initial purpose, all round and then go off. It's best to take the train in reverse order to walk at least for a while on these roads that go up to the first floor of buildings. If it is very cold in winter in Chicago and do, is much further north than New York and is the Windy City (Windy City) so the cold is felt more ..... At each station you can press a button that will give you heat for 10 minutes till your train line. While no subway lines connect directly to the trains, the stations are very close, so you do not have to walk far. It's a different and worthwhile ride.
Of Cultural Interest in Chicago
Jay Pritzker Pavilion
The Jay Pritzker Pavilion is a special ampitheatre for open-air concerts. It was designed by the architect Frank Gehry and is built of corrugated sheets of polished stainless steel and has a capacity for 7,000 people. It is located in Millennium Park, and is home to the Grant Park Music Festival.
Lakes in Chicago
Chicago River
Flowing through one of the most remarkable areas in Chicago, the river is one of the biggest attractions of the city. Damn, I thought, why can't we have a river like this back home! I was able to see it thanks to the architecture route by boat. During the trip you notice that the river charts a perfect course that lets you see lots of things from skyscrapers to the end in Lake Michigan, everything is an attraction. Oh, and as you will see in photos, you can even go kayaking!
Gardens in Chicago
Millenium Park
This huge park borders the central part of the city on one side, with the port of Chicago on the other. It gives residents and visitors a green area where they can relax, attend events, sporting activities or see the main attractions. This park even has pavilions, dining and entertainment areas. It can be accessed free of charge. There is a large area dedicated to outdoor concerts and where events are organized (such as cabaret and workshops for adults, children and young people).
Museums in Chicago
Museum of Contemporary Art
Known simply by its initials, MCA, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago is located next to the Water Tower Place and behind Seneca Park, in a central location. It is an institution dedicated to the dissemination of contemporary art and is among the most important of its kind worldwide. Its exhibitions are always of the highest quality. Its permanent collection contains a vast representation of most current artistic trends. Obviously, it's not ideal for children. However, for those interested in the subject, it is a must.
Of Cultural Interest in Chicago
Michigan Avenue Bridge
Of the 38 bridges spanning the Chicago River as it passes through the city of the same name, the most famous is undoubtedly the Michigan Avenue bridge. Not only was it one of the technical marvels of its time, but its construction marked the historic moment when Chicago began to spread northward. The extension of Michigan Avenue across the bridge meant the birth of the legendary stretch of earth known as the Magnificent Mile. Like other bridges in Chicago, Michigan Avenue can be shut down, although it is difficult to agree on a good time for this because you have to temporarily cut off one of the main arteries of the city). In spring it's open to make way for the boats that spend the winter in inland lakes, and in the fall they do the opposite. The Michigan Avenue Bridge is considered to be a historical monument and is one of the four or five things you absolutely must visit while passing through Chicago.
Of Touristic Interest in Chicago
Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago
The first time I saw the tour I knew I had seen it before. Its designer, Adrian Smith also built the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, so the resemblance is more than passing. The tower is 423 meters high. I like its beautiful aesthetics. Today, in addition to being a residential building, it houses the Trump International Hotel. One of the guides on the tour will explain the architecture along the Chicago River. A must see!
Museums in Chicago
The Field Museum
The Field Museum is the jewel of the Chicago museums, which is by no means an understatement. Starting with the impressive classical building that houses it (the huge lobby in and of itself justify the visit), through its thematic exhibitions, to the room where a tremendous collection of dinosaur fossils is displayed, everything, absolutely everything is first class. The collection of dioramas with embalmed animals, for example, allows you to see into another era, but it has an undeniable historical value and, of course, is the greatest I've never had the opportunity to see. So, the temporary exhibitions are always spectacular and a must see. In my case, I could dedicate a visit in itself to the world of pirates which are brilliantly displayed. Yes, it' better to go with some time to spare as the visit takes time. We're not talking about a museum which can be visited in a couple of hours, but this is a serious scientific institution with a priceless legacy. This is absolutely a must see for all visitors to Chicago.
Of Touristic Interest in Chicago
Marina City
Traveling by boat down the Chicago River, this is one of the most eye-drawing skyscrapers. As we explained, is for residential use only. The thing I found really funny is that the first floors arefor parking and cars can be seen perfectly from the outside. I had never seen this system in Spain before.
Statues in Chicago
Crown Fountain
This fountain in Chicago was designed by the Barcelona sculptor and artist Jaume Plensa. Its design is two vertical blocks wrapped in crystal, on which video images are projected of different close-ups of people's faces, scaled to the size of the sculptures. Apparently, the faces are those of the people of Chicago, unknowingly filmed in some cases, and they are marching on the screen via a multitude of LED screens that allows you to form images. The two blocks are separated by a stone box covered with a thin layer of water that falls down from each side as you are drawing the water up to the "mouth" of the people of Chicago. The work is very popular and has become a major attraction for young people and families, who bring their children to soak in the warmer seasons of the year. For tourists, it is also spectacular because of the originality of the device and the contrast with the world around that reflects an image of the modern city.
Of Touristic Interest in Chicago
Seadog Cruises
It's hard to choose where to go in Chicago, especially if you are on a budget. To see the city skyline from the lake, in the end we opted for one of the Seadog Cruises. The route took half an hour, and cost approximately U.S. $ 40.00 per person. It was great fun. We were in a motor boat, which left the port of North Loop. They explained the skyline including the Field Museum, the Planetarium, the Shedd Aquarium and the Sears Tower among other things. As the engines started (my son happy with the speed) we saw the South Loop where obviously you can see the John Hancock. We then went past the lighthouse and to the port. Of course, you can have a family photo as you enter the port, in the true spirit of American merchandising. I suggest that you do this kind of tour early on in your visit to Chicago so that you can get your bearings.