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    Where to stay in Japan

    Hotels in Osaka
    Nikko Kansai Airport Hotel
    The Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport is just a few meters away from the Kansai International Airport in Osaka. This makes it one of the favorite hotels for people who have to spend the night due to a layover or because they have an early flight the next morning. The hotel meets all the expectations of a hotel of its category. Whenever I've stayed alone, they've given me a double instead of a single and I've always been very comfortable, the rooms are comfortable and spacious as are the bathrooms. Curiously, adding to that, the hotel like the airport is built on an artificial island on the sea.
    Hotels in Tokyo
    Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo
    Yes, I would recommend this hotel as the views are spectacular. The room was very comfortable. The hotel is huge and it has a pool. There is a 24 Hour store nearby, Natural Lawson, with all kinds of things to buy for breakfast if you don't want to eat in the lounges. The metro is very close too and a huge electronics store. The Shinjuku neighborhood has everything, it is lively and there are always people on the street.
    Hotels in Okayama
    Hotel Granvia Okayama
    The chain hotels "Gran Via" in Japan are just a few steps from the major Japanese ski cities. I had not been before in any hotel of this chain and my first time was at the Okayama Gran Vía. The reception hall is spacious and lovely, in the side wings are rooms for events, weddings, etc..When I visited people were celebrating a wedding held Japanese accidental style. The rooms are normal, a bit small for a hotel of this category, but Japan is not characterized by the spaciousness of their rooms. The bathroom is small, but has some of those Japanese wáteres with several options that are operated from a knob on the side. The service, to be exceptional and the room with air conditioning which was also very good (of course the size of the room affect this). However, the greatest privilege of this hotel is its location.
    Hotels in Kyoto
    Kyoto Tower Hotel
    If a hotel is recommended to visit Kyoto Kyoto Tower. It lies in front of the station and the hotel Kyoto Tower. With an offer you could get a room for 8000 yen including a visit to the lookout tower from which you can have views of the city. If you consider that the entrance to the gazebo will cost 700 yen per person, I save and that made it cheaper if you intend to climb to the viewpoint. In high season like August it is harder to get deals and you pay two times or more, but this is normal because the rooms are nice. The bed was cozy and the location unbeatable, taking into account that part of the train station, you also have the bus station, the best way to get around. You can catch a bus voucher to move very cheap for a day or more in an office is also in front of the hotel. In the room you have yukata to make you feel comfortable and more Japanese ;) and house slippers. It has a hairdryer in the bathroom and in the morning or when you want tea and tea at your disposal. There are smoking and non-smoking, so when booking you can specify your preferences. We did not take breakfast, we found it a bit expensive. If I remember correctly, was about 1500 yen per person but is buffet and it looked good. Totally recommended.
    Hotels in Tokyo
    Shiba Park Hotel
    The Shiba Park Hotel is located very close to the Tokyo Tower. Its best feature is the location, since it is centrally located, a short distance to most of the places in the city using the subway and there is a large station nearby. Also, the service is very good and the rooms are comfy. There are also a variety of food options and breakfasts. It really is a great choice for a stay in Tokyo.
    Hotels in Osaka
    Aqua Hotel
    The Aqua Hotel is a romantic hotel known for its top-floor suites (as you can see in the video) that have windows in the ceiling just above the tub allowing you enjoy the rain, sun or snow outside while you bathe. The rooms are spacious and carefully decorated. They all have a TV, on-demand movies, karaoke and PlayStation included in the price. The suites cost about 150 euros per night, or 70 euros for 2-3 hours.
    Hotels in Osaka
    Sunplaza Rinkai hotel
    The hostel Sun Plaza is a economy hotel located in a quiet neighbourhood in southern Osaka. The toilets and showers are shared and the rooms are small, but it is next to a train station and a subway, so it is well connected. You can also stroll to Shinsekai and Tsutenkaku. Moreover, the price (15-20 euros per room) make it backpacker worthy. There are many homeless people in the area, but I have never heard of a problem. I recommend watching the video for more information.
    Youth Hostels in Kyoto
    Kyoto J Hoppers Backpackers Hostel
    After the first two days in Kyoto after I stayed at the Bakpak Hostel, I went for 5 nights to Hoppers, for me one of the best Hostels in Japan, only 5 minutes from Kyoto station, makes it perfectly located, and it is quiet. Like the rest of the J Hoppers Backpackers hostels it is very clean, friendly, with a great staff and it's easy to socialize with other travelers. It costed about 20 Euros for a bed and a room.
    Hotels in Tokyo
    Park Hyatt Tokyo Hotel
    I could not get close to the Park Hyatt and have a drink like Bill Murray with the most stunning views of Tokyo background. The hotel is really impressive and the bar does not disappoint: there is a piano bar where you can enjoy live jazz and a very cosmopolitan atmosphere. When you look through the windows you can see the sights of Tokyo which are breathtaking, skyscrapers and skyscrapers, lights and life .... The drinks are not very cheap but absolutely worth it ....
    Hotels in Asahikawa
    Art Hotels Asahikawa
    Asahikawa Palace Hokkaido is in Hokkaido, two blocks from Tokiwa Park, eight blocks Maruiimai Shopping Mall and two miles from JR Asahikawa. It features a restaurant and a bar, and a lounge with views overlooking the city. It also offers a full-service spa, massage and sauna, and beauty salon. Its rooms have televisions anf other amenities.
    Hotels in Osaka
    Cápsula Hotels
    In the big cities with good nightlife in Japan, such as Osaka (among many others), there is a very special type of hotel called "capsule hotels". They are made to optimize the most, and the client, instead of having a room, has a "capsule" that is, a carrier which fits one person laying down, with radio and television incorporated inside. Upon entering they give you a locker, where you leave your clothes and luggage (restricted amounts) and you wear a yakata inside (like a robe). Once inside, there is a TV room, vending machines for hot and cold drinks and communal showers. Sometimes there is also a sauna and computers to access the internet. They are known for being very economical and because there are many similar types of hotels located in various parts of the city. Usually there are some floors for men and others for women, but they're not usually mixed. I would not recommend staying in a hotel like this for more than one night, but as an experience, you have to try it! Eye! Many of these sites do not permit people with tattoos.
    Hotels in Osaka
    Ramada Osaka Hotel
    The Ramada Osaka is off the Nakatsu subway station. It is one stop from Umeda and less than a kilometre from the centre of the Kita-Ku where the JR Osaka station is. This 16-story hotel offers several restaurants, fashion shops (some specializing in weddings) and the roof has a "beer-garden" with an open bar for 10 euros. The hotels location is good, with direct access from the subway at exit 3. All rooms have internet access included in the price, plus air conditioning, safe and TV. The hotel is clean and the service is good, but the room in which I stayed (individual economy) was pretty narrow (you can see the video).
    Hostels in Tokyo
    Ryokan Sansuiso
    The Ryokan Sansuiso is an urban ryokan in Tokyo located in Gotanda (two stations from Shinkawa and 3 from Shibuya), ie, well located and with a very affordable price with respect to its location. It's run by a very friendly pair of Japanese grandparents (along with other employees)/ The distribution is typical Japanese ryokan with tatami rooms (you sleep on a futon) and the bathrooms just like the Japanese baths are shared by all guests in a common area. This could be inconvenient if some visitors aren't accustomed to the Japanese living style and recently they've added a bathroom and shower in one of the double rooms, but just one, that's usually the first to be reserved. I've been to this ryokan many times and I'm very satisfied with the service.
    Vacation Resorts in Toyooka
    Kinosaki, formerly a city of Hyogo prefecture, but after Japan's urban explosion it was absorbed by the neighbouring town of Toyooka, and currently is a district of this city. Toyooka is known for its numerous thermal spas and its exit to the sea (the Nihonkai or Sea of ​​Japan), which means their seafood is fresh and delicious. The Japanese (as there is little influx of foreigners) usually come to this city to take a few days off to eat well, enjoy the tranquility of the place or rest in its many onsen (hot mineral water springs).
    Hotels in Nagasaki
    Nagasaki Annex Nakamachi Hotel
    The Hotel Annex Nakamachi in Nagasaki is less than 10 minutes from the station and is quite cheap. In low season we can have a small apartment for 2 people for less than 60 Euros per night. These apartments include kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and a balcony and wired internet ( ask at reception) included in the price. On the ground floor, in addition we can find a laundry and machines for both hot and cold drinks.
    Hotels in Kobe
    Capsule Hotel Kobe
    How funny! Landing in Osaka and going to eat the famous Kobe beef and Kobe Beef Steak ... And then later sleeping at this place! It was my first capsule and it has everything, TV, radio air conditioning and light alarm ... it really feels like ... Space! You can see more at ... Www.Trips.Dsldiesel.Es / japan /
    Hotels in Tokyo
    Park Hotel Tokyo
    The accommodation chosen for our second visit to Tokyo was the Park Hotel. Its main advantages are that it's near various modes of transportation, we had less than a 5 minute walk to the JR Shimbashi train station. It also has a metro stop right next door and is located just a 15 minute walk away from Ginza. Another advantage is that in about five minutes by subway, we were in the central Tokyo station. Also, it has shuttle service with Limousine Bus from Narita Airport. The hotel is located from the 25th floor up of the building, so the views are excellent. Especially at night. The service was impeccable, and the restaurant, with a piano bar, was real treat. A little expensive but worth it.
    Hotels in Miyajima
    Ryokan Morinoyado hotel
    We stayed in this ryokan in August 2010. It is located on Miyajima Island, a spectacular site where nature and animals come together in a unique setting. We chose the Japanese style room to experience the feeling of sleeping on the floor on a futon. The site is very cool, and dinner was served in the room with a bunch of Japanese delicacies. The only bad thing is that the sheets were a little bit dirty. It is an experience that I recommend to anyone visiting Japan, do not stay at this place but staying in a typical ryokan there.
    Youth Hostels in Tokyo
    Asakusa Ryokan Toukaisou
    I love this Ryokan and have been there twice. It is very clean and the price is more than reasonable, besides being situated very close to the metro Assakusa. The shared rooms are cozy and comfortable. It has a kitchen and bathroom for communal use. I recommend it 100%. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to write me.
    Hotels in Takayama
    Hida Takayama Washington Hotel Plaza
    The accommodation we chose for our stay was the Hida Takayama Washington Hotel Plaza. One of its main advantages is that it is located right in front of JR Takayama Station. The location was perfect and very easy to find upon arriving in the city from Tokyo. The Hotel itself was no big deal. It had a very modest reception, however with a very helpful staff. The rooms were small, but equipped with everything you need. The decor left a little to be desired and the bathroom was very small. There was free internet in the room, which was very convenient. Another plus point, is that most of Takayama's attractions were only a few steps away.
    Activities in Japan
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