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Restaurants in Brittany

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296 places to eat in Brittany

Restaurants in Dinan
Auberge Moulin du Méen Restaurant
The hostel Moulin de Meen Kitchen deserves a corner for itself because the memory that my stomach kept, my gut would not stop talking to me about those tasty menus. For breakfast you can try some "croissants" that are great with salted butter. But the lunch and dinner... The dishes are varied, delicious and also very cheap. I will highlight 2 Breton specialties: The crêpes and galettes. The former are thin crust and sweet and, although it is traditional to have them with butter and sugar, they are also served with honey, jam, ice cream or chocolate. The galettes are much bigger in size and thickness, are grayish (for its black wheat flour), salty and usually served with ham, cheese and egg. 2 services are the BBQ picnic in the garden where they make it for you if you have a day excursion.
Restaurants in Concarneau
Le P'tit Bac
Small but cozy restaurant next to the city walls of Intramuros and at the foot of a big public garden. Although the temperature at lunchtime was low, we decided to sit on the terrace to warm up a bit in the sun. The short menu offers the typical sardines and grilled swordfish, in addition to the famous mussels and Breton crepes. By the way I have not seen so many ways to prepare shellfish but I stick to my taste and I decided on one cream, one wine and one cheese crepe. Finally and I went to the toilet to see that it also was very small for both genders.
Restaurants in Vannes
Kalon Breizh
The French like to eat pancakes! They are this restaurant's specialty, and can be eaten as a first, second, or for dessert. As, for the Bretons, the "blé noir" or dark wheat flour are the real specialty. You can see in the photo that the "recipes", or menus for us, offer affordable prices. They look so succulent, and live up to their appearance. The cheese, ham and egg, and the pear bella Helen were the most delicious. A high-calorie menu, but we had to try it. This cozy and nice restaurant is near the cathedral and within walking distance of the Plaza de San Vicente Ferrer.
Culinary Interest in Quimperlé
Sur Un Air de Chocolat
Located on the main street of Quimperlé, on the left side of the Church of Sainte-Croix, there is this small place, which as stipulated by one of the posters, is dedicated to Belgian chocolate, which is possibly one of the best in the world. You notice that there is only one small area dedicated to classic candy, everything else is chocolate in all the possible colours and shapes. It seems to me that this is a greedy person's paradise at a price commensurate with the quality.
Restaurants in Carnac
Kreiz An Avel
After visiting some of the sights, heavy rain started and we headed to one of the beaches in order to eat something. It was already half past one and we were worried that they would be closed or full. In the end we found this typical beach snack bar that also served to provide us with shelter from the rain and cold. Despite having visited France many times, I still do not know the language but thankfully the owner knew some Spanish and it was she who recommended our dishes. To start, we had grilled Provençale mussels and prawns with a divine sauce, followed by traditional Breton crepes with chocolate and ground almonds, coffee and ice cream flambé with rum. The price with two beers came to 55 euros which I thought was reasonable.
Restaurants in Rennes
Crêperie L'Abri du Marché
Typical Breton creperie. Its specialties are the galettes de ble noir, or buckwheat. The cookies are savory crêpes and the white wheat ones are sweet. The galette is ham, egg and cheese (costs 4.90 euros), the galettes in the area also have a sausage called andouille Baye (costs 8.50 euros). You can also try the Breton cider. This market can be found opposite of Rennes.
Restaurants in Saint-Malo
La Petite Rôtisserie
After all afternoon walking the streets of St.Malo, being surprised with more strength than we thought and perfectly preserved walls and a beautiful city, the place we needed to eat something. The recommendation was a success: we had crab meat on a bed of ratatouille with tomatoes and peppers, white wine and oysters, seafood and wines couscous, etc. We had it all for about 20 euros per person (there were 6). It is highly recommended, quiet, modern, good service (effort to speak Spanish, for example) and good prices. The food deserves a 10.
Cafés in Arradon
Terre à Delices Bakery
In the corner of Rue de la Mairie and Market square(place du Marché), the bakery "délices à Terre" (literally: land of delight), fulfills the promise of its name: delicious cakes and pastries, bread and baguette, plus a terrace to enjoy these delicacies! Really a place to picnic without any fear of being disappointed!
Restaurants in Quimperlé
Restaurant Le Bistro de la Tour
I do not regret visiting this place. Tranquility, exquisite though it may seem distant, almost perfect decoration and good quality. The owner speaks a little Spanish and is seen to be a good somillier carefully guarding their ability to serve the wine. The price is a little high. About 70-100 euros per person is commensurate with the quality. They have closed and tasting menus, but it is advisable to ask for direct feedback from the owner. Highly recommended but it is almost necessary to book.
Restaurants in Vannes
Crêperie de La Tour Trompette
In Brittany, you have to drink cider and eat crepes, which are definitely the best in all of France. A good choice is the La Tour Trompette, a charming restaurant-creperie located in one of the city's medieval towers. It has a great location in historic downtown the makes some really scrumptious crepes. Ah! and the best part is the price!
Restaurants in Bénodet
After a full day of sightseeing, I got to dine at the one and only Alhambra. This restaurant is located opposite the Odet, Benodet between the lighthouse and the beach of Coq. The place has a very nice terrace and an inner frame that combines stone and wood in an elegant and simple manner. I sat on the very pleasant terrace to enjoy the sun of the last hours of the afternoon. Then at night, I saw the parade of boats returning to port. As for the menu, we decided to order a calderada with rice and seasonal vegetables. We washed everything down with a little south Lie Muscadet Sevre-et-Maine, and for dessert, a little cheese with berries. The service is impeccable, and the owner is a real character, a jovial man who takes the time to greet his customers and exchange a few words with them. You can get a great value here as we had a great meal for only 30 euros per person.
Restaurants in Vannes
Le Vieux Port Restaurant
To get here, go out of the city walls through Gambetta, and turn right towards the harbor. You'll soon see that there are several restaurants that specialize in oysters and coquille Saint Jacques. We chose the one that advertised "restaurant de poisson et fruits de mer." The decoration could be improved, but the service was attentive and the food was delicious: fresh oysters, well-cooked cod, and delicious desserts. So yes, everything was very good, except for the Breton entree (and specialty of the house), a roll of cured meat with pepper that I couldn't finish. The price is affordable and I'd recommend it without a doubt.
Restaurants in Auray
La Petite Casserole
If you are looking for a warm and friendly place, I recommend a restaurant called Auray. This is a cafe and restaurant situated in the city center! The staff are friendly and the menu offers a wide selection of dishes! Dare to try the roast beef cooked on a wood fire before your eyes, a real treat! or simply enjoy a cool drink on the terrace! The bar is open from 10h30 to 14h and 18h ​​to 22h except Tuesday and Sunday nights.
Restaurants in Binic
La Casa de Lea
The Lea House is a cozy creperie located in the heart of Binic. Binic is a small coastal town north of Britain which is very unspoilt and charming. The Lea House is on Courcy Pier, overlooking the port. The decor is homely and the food quite good, offering a la carte dishes, salads and very good cakes. What more could you want? There are other very good restaurants nearby including the Bureau of Margot, a tapas bar.
Restaurants in Bénodet
If you feel like taking a short gastronomic break to Benodet, I recommend you try the restaurant known as Escapades. This small restaurant is not far from the ledge of the sea, at the end of the beach of Trez. It is open every day, and from Tuesdays to Sundays it opens at lunchtime. The daily menus (which change daily) cost between 12€ and 16€, but there is also a menu you can order from. The house wines are personally selected by the owner. The inside is elegant and includes an indoor dining area for up to 48 diners. The restaurant features a covered and heated terrace, with a capacity for 32 people and sea views, very sunny and nice on a clear day. It is a simple and relaxed which is always nice to eat enjoying the atmosphere of a warm and modern bar.
Culinary Interest in Bénodet
Fábrica de Galletas François Garrec
The Garrec François biscuit factory is located on Highway 44, between Benodet and Fouesnant. It was founded four generations ago and is a factory with handmade sweet cakes that are famous in this region. Upon entering the store (which is more than 200 square meters), the smell of hot biscuit mix and butter saltwater fascinated us and opened our appetite. The place is full of traditional products, fresh quality that will delight the sweet tooth! Personally, I prefer the house crepes (made on site), Britain cookies (pallet Breton) and the famous Kouign Amann. Everything was delicious. You can also find among the store's shelves many great sweet ideas that are very typical. Finally, keep in mind that there are regular guided tours, Monday-Friday, 9-16 pm (to be sure about the times, please contact the factory).
Restaurants in Rennes
Quatre B
Quatre B is a great restaurant in Rennes. I like the sophisticated decor ... and that's without mentioning the presentation of the dishes, which are just beautiful! There are several menus to choose from, for 21 or 27 euros, and a fixed, 3-course menu of the day for 12. The house specialties: veal sweetbreads with morels, lobster ravioli, foie gras with mango ... and of course, the famous chocolate cake. Don't miss it!
Restaurants in Rennes
La Taverne de la Marine
This tavern is near the dock in the centre of the city of Rennes. There are several menus to choose from, with specialties including seafood, sauerkraut, grilled beef steak ... a good restaurant to try out.