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Amusement Parks in Chicago

2 amusement parks in Chicago

Amusement Parks in Chicago
Navy Pier Ferris Wheel
The Chicago Dock wheel at Navy Pier can be seen from afar and is a milestone for me that identifies the place. I hesitate to compare it to the London Eye, but it is still an impressive structure. Now, it forms part of a small amusement park and also boasts boats with remote control blimps, a merry go round and miniature golf, among others.Tickets are available at reasonable prices.
Amusement Parks in Chicago
Six Flags Great America
This giant theme park is located in Gurnee, Illinois (halfway between Chicago and Milwaukee), near an exit of Interstate 94. It is very popular with the people from the Chicago area since it is the largest theme park in the Midwest. It belongs to the Six Flags chain (who has similar parks nationwide). The theme of Six Flags Great America is the Looney Tunes and the superheroes of the Justice League. However, the presence of these characters is much less than of the other parks I have visited, (like Disneyland, for example). It also has a large water park, Hurricane Harbor, which was already closed for the season because school vacation had just finished. However, it was hot and I wanted to get pretty soaked. As per usual, the park is divided into themed areas (of which I remember nothing). This park is appealing because of the large quantity and variety of spectacular attractions (especially roller coasters). Since I was traveling with a six year-old child that could not reach the height requirements for the more dangerous rides, I cannot say firsthand what the experience is like to ride them...but the faces and cries of those who did speak for themselves. That is why I think it's a park that draws more attention from adolescents and adults more than children, although there are rides and shows for them, they are not the primary audience for this park like they are for Disney. Consequently, my visit was quite light, in the sense that I had to limit myself to somewhat bland attractions (my son did not seem so sure) and was saved the risk of having to prove my manhood by riding the most dizzying roller coasters. What drew my attention the most was the Raging Bull, which is nothing more than a giant U in which passengers ride at full speed to the two ends of the coaster until they are completely suspended in the air. One of the ascents is accompanied by a twist. It will leave you breathless for a while... Other than the roller coasters, I don't dwell since I could only ride the most harmless, because they are more or less the same as in all of the parks I have visited: the revolving rides, water rides, etc. The park is very large and it takes a whole day to see and enjoy everything. Admission is expensive, but not that bad. The prices for food and souvenirs were like the price of gold, but with the current exchange rate of the dollar we didn't notice it as much. The truth is that we waited in very few lines, and we were able to repeat several attractions. However, it should be mentioned that we went in late August, which is the school season in the U.S. In conclusion, I think that we will wait a few more years to go again, mostly for my son to grow a few inches so he can ride the more vigorous attractions... If I had to compare it to Port Aventura, I would say that it is larger, a little bit older, and has three or four roller coasters exclusively for thrill seekers. But, honestly, they are on the same level.