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Historical Monuments in Chicago

7 historical monuments in Chicago

Historical Monuments in Chicago
The Bean
The truth is one will be fascinated when they prove the perfection that is this piece of work. Don´t rely on the people that say it is modern sculpture and that its not worth it to go see it, etc. It is incredible! How can one come to something so perfect in dimension? I have no idea, for that reason I will admire it so much. The views of the skyscrapers are spectacular, also. This stop should be included in whatever of the routes by Chicago.
Historical Monuments in Chicago
Chicago Water Tower
You will visit this shopping centre on a tour as it is next to the Hancock Tower. Inside there are the Lego Store and Adidas official store, among other brands. Go in and have a look around. As the name suggests, it is right next to the Water tower.
Historical Monuments in Chicago
Elks National Veterans Memorial
All great cities have a repertoire of unknown places, small jewels that are ignored by even their own citizens. This is the case of the great war memorial I didn't know existed and found while walking through Lincoln Park. It was built in 1926 to honor the members of the Elk association, a semi-secret fraternity of those who died during the Great War. Very little is known about the Elks, except that they are ultra-conservative (until recently they didn't admit women and now don't support homosexuals or atheists), and have a lot of money, because the building is amazing. It is part of a large circular structure covered with a dome, made with fine materials and adorned with sculptures. Everything is in kind of a pastiche classical style, but the overall effect is one of great solemnity that was presumably intentional. Admission is free.
Historical Monuments in Chicago
Vietnam Veterans Memorial
War memorials occupy an important place in the center of American cities and often acquire monumental dimensions, those who remember the conflict that pitted the United States against Vietnam are special. They tend to be less visible or even hidden. This is the case in Chicago, because although centrally located, it's a lower level than the the River Walk street. This recently built monument honors the memory of fallen Illinois natives from that conflict, whose names are inscribed on a marble plaque. It has a contemporary design, so it lacks the typically solemn statues that are characteristic to this monument. The whole forms a small plaza with a central fountain with jets. Access is free, but you can't enter with dogs, something I noticed.
Historical Monuments in Chicago
Historical Monuments in Chicago
Chicago Veterans' War Memorial
I was walking around on a hot summer night down in the heart of Chicago the other day. I was just wandering around without a lot to do. We sat and ate some Potbellies sandwiches by the river in this area of the RiverWalk (down the stairs by the river) by this lit up area. We were so focused on the major buildings surrounding us that we did not pay much attention to what the lights were actually highlighting. It wasn't until we were about to leave that we really noticed what we ate our dinner in front of. It was the Chicago Vietnam War Veteran Memorial. It was in dedication to all the soldiers from Illinois who fought for our country in Vietnam. It is in dedication to those who fought, those who were lost, and those missing. It is a truly beautiful little gem of the River Walk in Chicago that I am so happy to come across. There is a rock waterfall wall in the back and a really detailed dragon plaque hanging in the middle. The names are etched across the middle slab of rock by years. It is a very tranquil and peaceful spot in this big crazy city. The greatest part it is under one of Chicago's busiest streets and it feels so far away from all of that. Fantastic find for myself!
Historical Monuments in Chicago
DANK Haus German American Cultural Center
On this occasion, I was attending a wedding reception. This building is dedicated to housing the German Heritage Center primarily. There is a library, and a museum. There are numerous meeting rooms and halls for events. The room we were in was gorgeous. With a beautiful ceiling and decorative walls and a bar. In the hallway decorative family plaques lined the walls. It doesn't have a very majestic feel, but it a very nice place to look around. Across Western Ave is Lincoln Square, and here you can find the delicious Hofbräuhaus of Chicago!