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Beaches in Costa Rica

73 beaches in Costa Rica

Beaches in Puerto Viejo
Puerto Viejo de Talamanca
This is Costa Rica with a Caribbean accent. Where Latin and Caribbean culture converge. Where Salsa and Calypso play in harmony, Spanish and Jamaican Creole interweave, and Rastafarians dish West Indian curry beside coconut scented rice and beans. This is Costa Rica with pounding surf and calm crystalline waters dotted with vibrant coral reef. Where sloths cause traffic jams and colorful butterflies land on your feet. This is the Costa Rica of my dreams.
Beaches in Cahuita
Punta Uva Beach
You got beach and the incredible jungle at the same time.
Beaches in Sámara
Playa Sámara
Soft sand, shallow, palm trees, beach front restaurants and never crazy busy.'s that good.
Beaches in Brasilito
Conchal Beach
Guanacaste is home to a beautiful beach adjacent to a great hotel of the same name. The 5-star Conchal Hotel is very expensive. The beach stands out because a large part of its composition is made of shell pieces instead of sand, giving way to its name. It's a great tourist attraction in Carrillo because there are hotels and cabins to stay in within every budget and an affordable menu.
Beaches in Tamarindo
Costa Rica's Pacific Coast
Hermanosa Beach in Costa Rica gifted me with a series of the most beautiful sunsets I'd ever seen for the week I was staying there. The addition of the couple walking along the sand made the setting seem even more romantic.
Beaches in Puntarenas
Estero de Puntarenas
Hello: My favorite pastime is to walk along the beach, and so take advantage of such beautiful sunsets that God gives us, as well as getting to know other beaches of in country, Costa Rica, a piece of earth in Central America, and also in my port where I live, wherw I enjoy the warm ocean breeze.
Beaches in Limón
Manzanillo Beach
Limon is on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica. I first visited these beautiful beaches in 2013 and fell in love. The beaches are clean, sunny and humid, and you can even go on rainy days to enjoy the greenery. I'd suggest all tourists visit Manzanillo, Cahuita, Cocles... they're fascinating!
Beaches in Santa Cruz
Playa de Tamarindo
Tamarindo is a beach which is perfecto to surf or just relax, located in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. My beautiful country!! That said it is hot and you need a good sunscreen always. Even off season it is great!! [B] it is the creation of God! [/ B]
Beaches in Santa Teresa
Santa Teresa Beach
The colors captivate you, wrap you in a moment that only you and the colors can understand. They fill every second of your evening. The best memories come back to your mind, and only if you let them in will your feelings mix in order to make you feel full. Each person lives his moment, his evening, and tailors it according to the person that they share it with. The desire to live longer to enjoy it as if it were the last time. Personally, I think he is in his prime and that gives you the best it has to help you get to feel the same. Intense, full, complete. But before him, laughing, talking, waves, games, thoughts are presented in the beach like a ritual. For some it goes unnoticed, but for others, those who can, let themselves get wrapped up by that evening. "Each sun hides the magic of the day and has the will to live tomorrow, because maybe that which starts is going to be much better." Drop it, the sun will rise tomorrow, and everything will start all over again.
Beaches in Puerto Jimenez
Corcovado Beache
I was in Costa Rica a couple of years ago and Corcobado Beach was an incredible place to discover. The area of the Pacific was home to the beaches I liked the most, like Montezuma Beach and the natural park of Manuel Antonio. 100% recommended!
Beaches in Carrillo
Coco Beach
This is a beautiful beach in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, revived by the Municipality of Carrillo. For many years, construction and trade invaded the area and high tide practically came up to the buildings, which were falling apart. Today, these beautiful beaches have regained their honor and you can sit and watch spectacular sunsets. There are lots of accommodations ranging from very cheap to very expensive and all kinds of adventure excursions like paragliding, banana, jet skiing, diving and more. There is also something for those who wish to sport fish. I've uploaded a little video because I remembered that when I was there, my daughter who was then 4 and a half years old, told me, "Pa, now I know how the sun goes away at night." This is a beautiful beach in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, retrieved by the Municipality of Carrillo. For many years, construction and trade was built close to the beach and the high high tide came practically up to the buildings. They were demolished today and these beautiful beaches are restored to their former glories and are places where you can sit and watch spectacular sunsets. There is lots of accommodations ranging from very cheap to very expensive and there are all kinds of excursions and adventure such as paragliding, jet ski-ing, diving and others. You can also go fishing. I have a little video and I remember being with my daughter, then four and a half years old. She said, 'Papa, now I know how the sun is turned out at night.'
Beaches in Quepos
Tres Beach (Manuel Antonio Beach)
Beaches in Cahuita
Beaches in Puerto Cortés
Whale Beach
Osa in the province of Puntarenas still has many unspoiled areas. The many beaches along the road are of unsurpassed beauty. Here you can see the dolphins and whales, an amazing show. In addition, there is peace and tranquility. It is the ideal place to enjoy nature. On one side we have the beaches and on the other the mountains. Many varieties of flora and fauna. Costa Rica gives us all these wonders within a few steps. It is a tropical paradise. In whale beach there is much to appreciate: wildlife, you just sit on the beach or on a rock and you can see the waves of the sea, the beach seems endless, crabs, starfish, snails, huge coconut trees along the beach, birds singing etc. See the setting sun, a pretty picture.
Beaches in Quepos
Beaches of Manuel Antonio National Park
Beaches in Carrillo
Nacasacolo Beach
Costa Rica, a small country bathed by two oceans, has 1500 miles of Pacific beaches, which many people visit. They are ideal for surfing, resting, fishing and sunbathing. Heading north to the province of Guanacaste, you will find a variety of very attractive beaches like Nacazcolo beach, a name taken from the name of a tree native to the region. It's a naturally white and sandy beach and can only be reached by boat or through the facilities of the Four Season hotel which, to prevent visitors coming in, offers free parking and mini-buses that take you to facilities with toilets and fresh water showers. These beaches are beautiful and have variety of native wildlife such as the Ranera snake, a boa. They are a little shy and can be seen frequently gliding along the beach. This place is special for its diving and clear blue waters and it is my intention to get to know some of the beaches of this land.
Beaches in Carrillo
Hermosa Beach
In front of Nacazcolo beach there's another beautiful beach called Playa Hermosa where lodging facilities are varied and all economic backgrounds flock to the the Sun and Sea Resort of Condovac to small hotels and beach villas as Villla Huetares, is Huetares name of an Indian tribe of Costa Rica, this beautiful beach is ideal for recreation and water sports such as kayak, jet skis, and others, is an ideal beach for children because no currents or heavy surfs to deal with either!
Beaches in Jacó
Playa Hermosa
Cool beach to chill at. Unfortunately there is a lot of litter on the shore line.