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Villages in Santa Fé

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4 villages in Santa Fé

Villages in Santa Fe
San Martin de Las Escobas
After a long ride, the time of rest for riders and horses. The time sunset demonstrates peace and relaxation, a few days after a big storm went away from the pine that dominates the horizon. peace and relaxation for riders and horses. it is worth experiencing!
Villages in Casilda
Casilda and their Lapachos
Casilda is a city located fifty kilometers away from the city of Rosario in the Province of Santa Fe. It had its beginning as a colony called La Candelaria, which was founded by Don Carlos Casado del Alisal. It became a town fifty-five years ago. It currently has 35,000 inhabitants. If there is something to enjoy in it, aside from the warmth and friendliness of its inhabitants, it is the incomparable beauty of its flowers .... when they are in bloom. Everywhere you look you see variegated pink flowers, of varying intensity ... And all are equally wonderful. It is an amazing place. I hope you enjoy it.
Villages in Santa Fe
Hughes, Santa Fe
Between the many turns along route 8, Hughes village opens up in the province of Santa Fe, Argentina. It has wide streets along which there are always bikes rolling along, all day. The slow pedalling draws the harmony of a typical village in the pampa Argentina. The locals are friendly from their shops, but they notice if you're not from around there and they will maybe look astonished and continue on their way.
Villages in Firmat