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Things to do in Cádiz

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The top 1.264 attractions in Cádiz

Beaches in Cadiz
La Caleta Beach
It's part of my life, the source of my inspiration, I would stay here forever if I could. There are impressive sunsets, the color is worthy of the best paintings. Couples are drawn to the area and the murmur of the waves and seagulls makes for a very romantic setting. People from Cadiz are passionate about La Caleta, a family beach, yacht club and fishing area ... I assure you that it has real charm at any time of day or night.
Beaches in Bolonia
Bolonia Beach
This is a piece of untouched paradise....a unspoilt beach with a sand dune looking over it.
Beaches in Zahara de Los Atunes
Zahara de Los Atunes
Located in the Costa de la Luz, Zahara de los Atunes, like its neighbors Barbate and Los Caños de Meca, used to be strategic enclaves of the salted fish, mainly the tuna. It is an industry that started in the sea with the complicated and millenary art of “almadraba”, a system of nets and cages to trap fish, which was already used by the Phoenicians. Today this white town still has a special marine soul, even though it focuses more and more on tourism. The visitors go there to enjoy the sand, mainly families with small children since this sea is very calm and the atmosphere is not pretentious, but popular. Life here is very calm and takes place on the beach. In the main street there are many restaurants specialized in fish, but the best is to eat fresh seafood or tuna in the charming kiosks on the beach.
Villages in Vejer de la Frontera
Vejer de la Frontera
…from the top of a hill, Vejer controls a beautiful green extension. It is logical to think that its inhabitants are influenced by this, so it is easy to understand that they built this beautiful town. You have to stop here for a few days to enjoy its people, gastronomy and beauty… We climbed, descended, got lost on this beautiful and charming town and with an interesting history, like the rest of the towns called “from the Frontier” in Cadiz.
Beaches in Vejer de la Frontera
Beaches in Los Caños de Meca
Los Caños de Meca
Some of the most beautiful and quiet beaches on the coast of Cadiz are the beaches of Canos de Meca and Cabo Trafalgar. these beaches have fine golden sand and crystal clear water. Throughout the year you can enjoy long walks on the beach and enjoy the typical dishes prepared from locally caught fish. On 15 August the Feast of Fire is celebrated. Bonfires are lit and the sound of the drums fuses with the sound of the waves. This area was and remains frequented by hippies, many of whom have settled permanently in this natural and charming area.
Villages in Conil de la Frontera
Conil de la Frontera
Unforgettable place to spend a wonderful holiday eating well. From the wonderful beach of Bologna through to Vejer is beautiful. I will never forget eating at the arena where our friend Paco always makes us a great meal. You can make an excursion to Tangiers souks and Palmar beach enjoying the sun in this wonderful beach where there are no hotels and to go nude. I advise a vacation to this wonderful spot, I could always go on vacation to this site since is special and beautiful. Greetings and until next time.
Coves in Conil de la Frontera
Calas de Roche
Located in the resort of Roche, it is known for its flamboyant and excellent chalets, it lies between El Puerco beach and Cala Encendida. It is ​​more than 2 km long and about 40 m wide, the sand is soft and golden. It is a very quiet beach without many people in summer, ideal for relaxing in the sun. It has moderate waves and when it is blowing it is best to seek shelter in the coves of Roche. Services include a red cross watchtower, toilets, and a snack bar near the tower of El Puerco. Also near the tower there is parking. Another magnificent beach of the Cadiz coast, ideal for shoreline walks along (alone or in company), enjoying the surrounding landscape and the blue sea.
Beaches in Chiclana de la Frontera
La Barrosa
August 2010, we decided to return to the same place as last year, but this time with more days and a little more relaxation. The expected result was an unforgettable holiday, the beach has lots of possibilities, sun, rocks to look for crabs and other creatures, an area where you can snorkel and see many fish, a park for the kids and dens essential for beers.
Cathedrals in Cadiz
Cádiz Cathedral
From this tower you can see the heights Cadiz. You climb up a stone ramp built into a kind of shaped staircase. The views are breathtaking, as they are very central and quite high. When you get to the top, a PA system tells you the history of the tower. The truth is that from up there and hearing the deep voice beside bells, you get the feeling that God is speaking to you from above. The ticket price is token and pays for the preservation and the friendly hosts, who are eager to make your visit a pleasant one. There is a saint in a window where you can make a wish in return for a few coins...... Here's a little video from the alter of the tower. As you can see, you can see all Cadiz. If you also go on a day as great as the one I was lucky to have, the views are spectacular. Cadiz from the air!
Beaches in Tarifa
Playa de Tarifa
There's no beach quite like Tarifa's Beach. Even though Punta Paloma is a little bit wilder. Bologna is special. Its sunsets over the sand dunes are amazing. The sand is super nice, too. These are some authentically Atlantic waters. It's a paradise, really. It's an incredible beach of spectacular beauty. The crystal clear water is cold, just how I like it, and it's clean, which I haven't seen in many places before. There were more people than expected, though. But I already knew there would be. It was an unforgettable day.
Beaches in Los Caños de Meca
Trafalgar Lighthouse Beach
From "Las Dunas", very close to Canos de Meca, you walk up a paved road closed to traffic to the Lighthouse of Trafalgar. From there, on the left hand side there is a wooden walkway that goes down a large dune and leads to the creek that forms at high tide. At lower tides, it exposes a reef platform with circular shaped millstones. Very popular with fishermen, not a beach suitable for children because there are strong waves and dangerous currents. There aren't any services but its fine sand and tranquility are reason enough to have a good day at the beach there.
Beaches in Barbate
Zahora Beach
Zahora beach begins at the end of El Palmar beach beside Trafalgar lighthouse beach or "Aceitera" (a very natural beach without developments or buildings) in sight of the lighthouse tower. It never gets crowded, even in the middle of August, and is a delight for your eyes with over 2,000 meters long and little umbrellas. The end is dominated by the white lighthouse tower, to which you must pay a visit, and discover at low tide a cove with a rocky platform that the sea has eroded haphazardly in random circles.
Villages in Setenil de las Bodegas
Setenil de las Bodegas
This morning we decided to visit this town that we'd never been to before. The walk along the river with its rock-cut houses was worth it. Time wasn't on our side as we were spending time there, and we would've liked to have had something to eat, but it started to rain. We saw the procession of the Legion and the truth is that there's some merit to taking a throne out into the streets.
Villages in Arcos de la Frontera
Arcos de la Frontera
The photos themselves show pretty clearly that this is no ordinary town. The atmosphere is magical, like being in another world. In my opinion, it's the most beautiful of all the famous White Villages. It's 70km. from Cádiz and you can get there by bus which leaves you at the station in the lower part of town. There's a population of around 30,000 people and the main source of income is tourism. There's a castle, the parochial church of Santa María de la Asunción, and the town hall. But, the main thing to see here is the town itself. It's a real delight to walk through the white streets, admiring the small little squares and entering into the handicraft stores. Or, you can go to the Parador to have a drink and soak it all in from one of the balconies.
Beaches in Cadiz
Playa Victoria
During the night of the final of the Ramón de Carranza Trophy, Victory Beach becomes party central in Cádiz. It's a meeting point from dusk til dawn with the beach hosting barbecues all through the night as well as there being arty things as well. You shouldn't miss it if you're in Cadiz.
Cities in El Puerto de Santa María
El Puerto de Santa María
El Puerto de Santa Maria is my second home. Located almost in the center of the Bay of Cadiz, this is a town of great historical importance. It is the birthplace of famous people such as Pedro Muñoz Seca and Rafael Alberti, who also had a leading role in the discovery of America. Christopher Columbus spent long periods of time here preparing for the journey to the New World and it was here where the caravel Santa Maria was named. While retaining its quiet small-town character, where time passes slowly, it is one of the most touristic places in the province of Cadiz. It has about 16 miles of beaches, all of fine golden sand. The anchor beach is in fact called the beach of Santa Catalina and has a length of 3 km and a width of 40 meters. To its left Cadiz is clearly visible from the coast and to its right Rota. Here, thanks to the Levante and Poniente winds blowing frequently, you can practice water sports such as windsurfing and kite-surfing. But it is the sunsets that are undoubtedly the best reason to visit. The sun completely takes over the horizon of the bay, clear of buildings that obstruct its path. Peace pervades the soul of all who witness this spectacle. Only the discreet murmur of the waves and the occasional seagull accompany this moment of introspection. The sky goes from yellow to orange and orange to dark blue in less than an hour and the lights come on in Rota and Cadiz. They illuminate the sea, creating small water reflections. Certainly, if I ever get lost, this will be the place you will find me ...
Villages in Castellar de la Frontera
Castle of Castellar de la Frontera
Amazing view for photography and very enjoyable