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Things to do in Cadiz

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The top 197 attractions in Cadiz

Beaches in Cadiz
La Caleta Beach
It's part of my life, the source of my inspiration, I would stay here forever if I could. There are impressive sunsets, the color is worthy of the best paintings. Couples are drawn to the area and the murmur of the waves and seagulls makes for a very romantic setting. People from Cadiz are passionate about La Caleta, a family beach, yacht club and fishing area ... I assure you that it has real charm at any time of day or night.
Cathedrals in Cadiz
Cádiz Cathedral
From this tower you can see the heights Cadiz. You climb up a stone ramp built into a kind of shaped staircase. The views are breathtaking, as they are very central and quite high. When you get to the top, a PA system tells you the history of the tower. The truth is that from up there and hearing the deep voice beside bells, you get the feeling that God is speaking to you from above. The ticket price is token and pays for the preservation and the friendly hosts, who are eager to make your visit a pleasant one. There is a saint in a window where you can make a wish in return for a few coins...... Here's a little video from the alter of the tower. As you can see, you can see all Cadiz. If you also go on a day as great as the one I was lucky to have, the views are spectacular. Cadiz from the air!
Beaches in Cadiz
Playa Victoria
During the night of the final of the Ramón de Carranza Trophy, Victory Beach becomes party central in Cádiz. It's a meeting point from dusk til dawn with the beach hosting barbecues all through the night as well as there being arty things as well. You shouldn't miss it if you're in Cadiz.
Markets in Cadiz
Abastos Market
Ah ... How I love the old Cadiz, with the Arco de la Rosa, Puerta del Mar and the Arco de los Blancos. Why do I love 'Tacita de Plata'? I love the narrow streets that exude bohemian style. But Cádiz could not be what it is without its people. So if there is a place to start to unravel the soul of the city, it is the Central Market. Here, especially along the Guild Hall, you can see the ancestry of the Cadiz sailor, his knowledge, his religion and even his speech. The building is made of marble, crammed with pictures of saints and the impressive array of seafood delicacies include shrimp, crayfish, sea snails, squid and prawns. Among the fish is cod, snapper, sea bass, plaice, anchovies, sardines and mackerel. Captivating and popular, la Plaza (also called Cadiz Market) has a carvinal atmosphere all year.
Bays in Cadiz
Bay of Cádiz
Cadiz isn't my birthplace, nor where I live or will live in the future, nevertheless it's an important part of me. The photo is a part of the Bay where you can see the Cathedral. At times I wanted to be like the kittens that go up and down the rocks. Cadiz was named by Lord Byron as Ocean Mermaid and is popularly known as the Tacita de Plata.
Of Touristic Interest in Cadiz
Historic Cádiz
The old town of Cadiz is almost the only one like it in the world. You can visit it by land, sea and air, from its streets to its towers, lookout points, walking along the boardwalk that surrounds the city without losing sight of the sea. It's a real pleasure to discover every corner of Cadiz. They are very interesting, as well as very numerous...... If you come, take all the time you want because it is really worth it. Going for a stroll in Cadiz is fun, especially if you do it after the children finish the "School". The streets are very lively, and so are the cafes, and terraces. As the population density is high in the town, you'll always find that there's a good number of people around. If you come to Cadiz, my first advice is .... lose yourself!! Although here I show you some lines on the ground so that people don't get lost .... The truth is that the lines are for "giris" (foreigners) to follow.
Gardens in Cadiz
Park Genoves
Genovés Park is the main park of Cadiz. Opening onto the Atlantic Ocean, it forms part of the green strip running parallel to the round bastions and ramparts that once protected the city from the dangers that might approach it from the sea. In this park you'll find interesting tree species, and nearby there's a famous hundred-year-old dragon tree.
Beaches in Cadiz
Santa María Beach
It's a beach which families usually visit. The existence of two seawalls make this beach a quiet place. however, when the sea becomes rough, we realize the fragility which is found with the fury unleashed by the sea. In this picture, it captures the moment when the wave breaks against the rocks, causing an explosion of bubbles and foam.
Castles in Cadiz
Castle of San Sebastián
The Castle of San Sebastián, a viewpoint and defensive bastion facing the Atlantic The Castle of San Sebastian is part of the set consisting of the Castillo de Santa Catalina, Paseo de Fernando Quiñones, Balneario de la Palma or, why not, the Club Caleta, which is the Playa de la Caleta in a wide sense. You can see the corner in the first 9 photos in this link: # byuser-5037652 As far as the Castle of San Sebastián and its construction is concerned, its origins have been traced back to the founding era of the city, Phoenicians, although strictly speaking the first stones were not laid down until the eighteenth century, the heyday era of the city: I hope you enjoy the pictures I have selected and I advise you to visit the castle: the views of the city and the wide and vast ocean are unbeatable. In my opinion a must for the traveler arriving in Cadiz. It is also free. Here's the current schedule: Thanks and regards.
Historical Monuments in Cadiz
Torre Tavira
Tavira Tower is the tallest building in Cadiz and is located in the mansion of the Marquis of Recaño. Its veranda offers excellent views over the city of Cadiz. Within the Torre Tavira there is an obscure camera, which has a set of lenses and ropes so that you can see the city in real time.
Squares in Cadiz
Plaza de las Flores
Whenever I visit Cadiz I went through this square and always end up having a coffee or churros with chocolate, ice cream or fried fish in a brown paper bag in the surrounding establishments. The city's heart beat's inside this square and if you want to feel the local culture, this is the best place to savor it. Personally I have much affection for this place, with its pastel-colored buildings, its flower stalls, the statue of Columela. Not to mention that it is pedestrianized! A charming city.
Streets in Cadiz
Gardens in Cadiz
Alameda Apodaca
The Alameda is the most romantic corner of Cádiz. Stroll through gardens, look out from the balustrade to the Bay of Cadiz and the remains of the ancient Carmen baths, sit in the shade of an ancient Ficus, contemplate houses of the bourgeoisie, near the Carmelite church (XVIII century), see the Marquis of Comillas monument, find busts and statues of illustrious gaditanos between vegetation and especially, enjoy spectacular views. Don't miss the booths overlooking the sea on the balustrade, streetlights, Sevillian style benches and the stronghold of Candlemas (XVI century). The restaurant bar Sloop is a jewel of Cádiz gastronomy. The Alameda, as it is known in Cadiz, is undoubtedly a real balcony to the sea. "I don't know they have flowers, the flowers of my Alameda that when the waves break, break pa look out to see them, heralding their romance butterflies and bees. Winking in the afternoon sea, in every ray of sunshine. May is planting passion, two bodies in Balaustra swear their love. Shut the wind and tide that has dormio the sparrow. So you, I have more Sentio dao ay, ay, ay, in much chance, no escaping my singing, as a child I carry in my heart. Oh my Alameda, balcony divine envy those pigeons that leaning out the new Carmen admire your beauty". Letter from Antonio Bustos, for the troupe Cane and Wicker, 1988.
Beaches in Cadiz
City Halls in Cadiz
Churches in Cadiz
Historical Monuments in Cadiz
Puerta de Tierra
To enter the old town of Cadiz, you have to cross this gateway which is emblematic for the city, you only have to seee it to get an idea of what awaits you in this city. History, culture and commerce are the great strengths of the oldest Cadiz, which can be seen just across this gateway. By day or night, this place gives you great pictures.
Historical Monuments in Cadiz

The best things to do in Cadiz

There are a thousand places to go and things to do in Cadiz. For many travelers, the top of the list of what to do in Cadiz is a trip to the beach. Practically surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, the city is dominated by the sea, and it's a short walk from the centre to the seashore. Victoria Beach and Cortadura beach, both beautiful Cadiz attractions, are the largest within the urban area of ​​the city. But s the small beach of La Caleta should really occupy the top spot on your list of stuff to do in Cadiz. You can not miss the sunset from this beach with San Sebastián Castle in the background.

Many newly-arrived travelers are surprised that the city is divided into two distinct parts, the old and the new, which are separated by Puerta Tierra, the original entrance to the city. In the historic center you'll find plenty of places to visit in Cadiz. Just walking the streets of this well-preserved district is a real pleasure. You can start your visit in this area at the Plaza de San Antonio, one of the best known things to see in Cadiz. The walk can continue to the cathedral, one of the most picturesque attractions in Cadiz.

Of course, no list of Cadiz activities would be complete without a mention of the Plaza de las Flores, which is close to the cathedral and a great place to stop for a drink. To end the day, take a walk along the alameda and watch the sun set over Caleta. You can find more places to see in Cadiz in minube, where travelers recommend their favorite spots in the city.