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Things to do in Tarifa

232 contributors

The top 86 attractions in Tarifa

Beaches in Tarifa
Playa de Tarifa
There's no beach quite like Tarifa's Beach. Even though Punta Paloma is a little bit wilder. Bologna is special. Its sunsets over the sand dunes are amazing. The sand is super nice, too. These are some authentically Atlantic waters. It's a paradise, really. It's an incredible beach of spectacular beauty. The crystal clear water is cold, just how I like it, and it's clean, which I haven't seen in many places before. There were more people than expected, though. But I already knew there would be. It was an unforgettable day.
Beaches in Tarifa
Playa de Valdevaqueros
Valdevaqueros Beach is the meeting place for all young people. And in the evening, one of the most beautiful places to live in the area. It's amazing what you can see in Playa Valdevaqueros. There are young people eager to play sports. Don't miss this place, you'll enjoy a safe and secure return to this magical place, the only place like it, and don't miss the sunset in Tarifa.
Beaches in Tarifa
Playa de los Lances
Tarifa has some of the most spectacular sunsets. It's an almost mystical experience that connects you to Mother Earth in a very special way. Los Lances Beach is where the waters of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean converge. It's a mandatory place to visit.
Beaches in Tarifa
Punta Paloma
Punta Paloma is marked on the road you take from Tarifa to Cadiz. Once you're on the way you can go through spectacular sand dunes as you approach the road. We left our car in the restaurant parking area to look at them. At the beach you can easily walk from the car park, and there are a few adventures to be had here since this is one of the best beaches in Portugal and Spain. I recommend that you come here, it's paradise.
Of Touristic Interest in Tarifa
Strait of Gibraltar
Only just over 14 km away, you see the other side and wonder if there's another place in the world that's so huge. 14 kilometers separating two continents, two completely different cultures, architecture, food, religion... The scenery is spectacular; on a clear day with no wind and calm sea you get the feeling that you could walk to the other side.
Viewpoints in Tarifa
El Mirador del Estrecho
El Mirador del Estrecho in Tarifa is a place you have to see on your visit to Tarifa. The view over the Straits of Gibraltar, North Africa, Ceuta, Tangier, etc., is spectacular. It loses some of its magic due to being so very busy, but it's normal because of its easy access and proximity to Tarifa.
Harbors in Tarifa
Port of Tarifa
To enjoy the vacation in Morocco, we went in our car in the port of Tarifa to Tangiers. We used the FRS ferry line, a company that, after paying for roundtrip tickets in advance, we were told we had to pay the amount of 74 €, with the pretext that they had gone up in price . A pleasant surprise nothing has forced us to make the corresponding claim to the Company prior to which will make to the Department of Consumer Affairs. Be careful having relations with this company!
Viewpoints in Tarifa
Punta de Tarifa
This little apth with the Mediterranean on one side and the Atlantic to another is an incredible spot to watch the sunset. The sun sets over the ocean, giving lovely moments. It should be a little careful if there up, because the wind comes laden with moisture and salt.
Castles in Tarifa
Islands in Tarifa
Isla de Las Palomas
You currently can't enter the island because there's a police barracks here, where immigrants who arrive on the Cadiz coast in small boats are processed. The surrounding waters are a great place to go diving or snorkeling. The vast majority of Tarifa's diving schools perform their dives here, and it really is incredible. Yes, the water is very cold - wear a wetsuit.
Bars in Tarifa
Malibu Tarifa
This place offers dreamy sunsets and very good service. It's open from morning to late night. You can enjoy delicious cocktails like Mojitos, Caipirinhas, etc. You can also have lunch and dinner for a very good value. They serve everything from salads and burgers to fresh tuna or beef steak. I recommend it to all those visiting Tarifa.
Bays in Tarifa
Punta Paloma Sand Dunes
The Dunes between Tarifa and Punta Paloma are spectacular. It's a small piece of desert near the sea between Tarifa and Punta Paloma beach with the wind rising with the swell. It's accessible by car. Formerly, it was military territory, now access is free.
Of Cultural Interest in Tarifa
Casino Tarifeño
This is a nice town casino, located in a large building. In the two spacious rooms, old people roam in search of companionship and kill time.
Bars in Tarifa
Hotel Misiana
Situated in the old part of Tarifa, is where you'll find one of the best known pubs in the area. We went there several times, and each time it was really good. The drinks are medium-sized, but were enough to keep us cool. We liked it a lot. I have this pub as a friend on facebook, if anyone cares to take a look first and then go.
Nature Reserves in Tarifa
Whale Watching in Tarifa
Whale watching in Tarifa is an interesting experience whether you go with or without children. You take a boat out to the Strait of Gibraltar to see dolphins and whales in their natural habitat. You're sure to see dolphins, but whales will require a bit of luck. Nevertheless, the experience is bound to be worthwhile. For days when the sea is choppy, the company offers dramamine so you don't get seasick.
Castles in Tarifa
Santa Catalina Castle
The castle of Santa Catalina stands 24 metres above sea level on the hill of the same name, beside the sea in the town of Tarifa. This strategic location has housed various defensive buildings at different times. In the nineteenth century, an artillery fort stood here, and in World War II it was well-protected with several machine gun nests and bunkers. On the hill, there was once a hermitage, which was drawn in the sixteenth century by Van der Wyngaerde. The castle of Santa Catalina that stands today is a Renaissance chateau-style castle that was built in 1929. Until recently, it housed a meteorological observatory under the National Institute of Meteorology, and the southernmost weather station in Europe. Currently, the hill and castle have been abandoned, left to the devices of the weather.
Beaches in Tarifa
Playa Chica
Tarifa is known for its constant winds, which make it an ideal place for practicing certain sports, mainly windsurfing and kitesurfing. When tarifeños want to spend a day at the beach, they go to Playa Chica. There, instead of kites and boards, you can enjoy quiet sun. It is a family beach with few tourists. You can snorkel or scuba dive here too, but there are better beaches for it. If you come to Playa Chica it is to witness a scene that is very familiar in Spain: the husband sat on the sand, while his wife, accompanied by her mother and some of his in-laws, hand out tortilla chips and Coca Cola out of the cooler, shouting loudly to children, running through the sand bothering other families with a loud radio playing. Olé! This is Spain. And if after seeing this show, you fancy seeing whales in their natural habitat, congratulations, you're in the right place. It does not cost much to take out a boat from which you can see different types of whales and dolphins.
Of Touristic Interest in Tarifa

The best things to do in Tarifa

So you're all set for your beach holiday but still aren't sure what to do in Tarifa? Don't worry, the city has a spectacular coastline and great beaches but there is also no shortage of places to visit in Tarifa istelf!

Undoubtedly, beaches are the main attractions in Tarifa.
Playa Chica, Playa de los Lances and Playa Valdevaqueros are all nice beaches, but a day-trip to the spectacular Playa de Bolonia nearby is also one of the most popular things to do in Tarifa.

Another of the top attractions in Tarifa is the Roman city of Baelo Claudia. Located at the edge of the beach in an incredible natural setting, these well-preserved ruins give travelers a great idea of what life was like in this once-thriving Roman settlement. The next stop on your list of stuff to do in Tarifa is a trip to the Old Town where you'll find La Puerta de Jerez, one of the ancient gates of the cit, the historic Church of Santa Maria and Church of San Francisco, and many of the other top Tarifa attractions.

To wrap up your trip, there are two final important things to see in Tarifa: the castles. While there are actually two castles, the Castillo de Tarifa (also known as Castillo del Buen Guzman) is the best-preserved and you can still see traces of its Moorish origins.