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Things to do in Louisville

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The top 9 attractions in Louisville

Of Touristic Interest in Louisville
We all know about the public art show that's called Cow Parade because several Spanish cities participated in it. There were large fiberglass cows decorated strikingly were on display in the street. The Louisville local has a version of one of the many imitators that have arisen since the Cow Parade called Gallopalooza. These sculptures are of horses with colorful and unusual ornaments. Louisville being the home of the largest equestrian event in the world, the Kentucky Derby, but horses can't be chosen. It's a nice initiative that gives some color to a rather dull city center.
Museums in Louisville
Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory
If you're a baseball lover you've come to the right place. In Louisville, Kentucky they've been making bats for over 100 years. Also, it shouldn't go unnoticed that they've built the world's largest bat and put it on their building. Admission includes a visit to the museum and the bat factory.
Museums in Louisville
Muhammad Ali Center
Who hasn't heard of Muhammad Ali? Known early in his career by his real name, Cassius Clay, he's considered to be one of the greatest boxers of all time. He later converted to Islam. Ali was born in Louisville, Kentucky, and it's here in his hometown where they've built a museum in his memory. It's intended to honor his career and its highlights, but if functions primarily as a cultural center where events and exhibitions are held. The visit will be especially interesting for those who like boxing and know Ali as a boxer. But best of all is the building that houses the museum. It's simply spectacular. The museum opened five years or so ago and is exemplary in all aspects. My son enjoyed going up and down the steps of the amphitheater outside. It's very well designed with a waterfall that ends in a fountain. For a rather gray city like Louisville, this place is a gem to have as a cultural center of its kind.
Museums in Louisville
Kentucky Science Center
The Science Center is a place dedicated to science and scientific research in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. It's on Main Street, a short walk from the Slugger Museum, which is a museum that attracts tourists to the city. In the entrance hall there's an concave part with mirrors that make funny reflections of people. They have several areas of activities and exhibits, such as; The world we created, the world within us, the world around us and the kids area.
Bus Stations in Louisville
TARC Trolley
The TARC (Transit Authority of River City) Tramways function as public buses and are a part of the urban transport network of Louisville. The Trams are made of wood which gives the city an old and charming atmosphere. There are 6 different routes of interest that run daily and on the first Friday of each month, from 5:00 to 11:00 p.m., they feature a free hip hop program on the Museums and Trade route to facilitate and promote mobility in a cultural city.
Of Touristic Interest in Louisville
Belle of Louisville & Spirit of Jefferson
After visiting the center of Louisville, we went with the idea of ​​cruising the Ohio River. The Ohio wouldn't be the Mississippi, but it is a major river. And, of course, navigable with it's long stretch. It was to arrive up to Belle, but as we approached the river walk, the sky was getting more and more black. ... We left for shelter from the rain and the trip was saved for another time. The Belle of Louisville is a historic steamer operated by the municipality of the population. IT'S just like the classic paddle-boat gamblers from the films in Mississippi. It's the oldest of these boats still in operation and is considered a national monument. It performs river cruises, some only for 'sightseeing' and others for more formal occasions including lunch or dinner and live performances.
Museums in Louisville
Frazier History Museum
The Frazier International History Museum can be found on the main street of historic downtown Louisville and just steps from Slugger Museum. The museum has a permanent exhibition of artifacts that belonged to politicians, celebrities, native warriors and soldiers. There are also temporary exhibitions, a souvenir shop (with products that are also available online), and daily educational historical dramas.
Theaters in Louisville
The Kentucky Center
The Kentucky Center, is a cultural center devoted to supporting and promoting the arts throughout the state of Kentucky. Local theater presentations, dissemination of educational initiatives to reach more people in order to understand, appreciate and support the arts in general. Inside the center, cultural events, rented spaces and temporary exhibitions are scheduled, all related to art.
Wineries in Louisville

The best things to do in Louisville

Louisville is the largest city in the US state of Kentucky. Among the stuff to do in Louisville today, there's one of the most popular tourist routes in the city, along the Ohio River. The city of Louisville was later founded near the unique natural obstacle, the Ohio Falls. It's a series of rapids where the river flows by Louisville on limestone, and the land is rich in fossils. Locks were built in order for boats to pass through the falls. Nowadays, locks and the hydroelectric, McAlpine
Dam are installed here. Another one of the many Louisville attractions is a
very famous ship, considered a national monument, which wades along the waters of
this river, called the Belle of Louisville. It's the oldest of these boats still in operation. In the city center, you can walk the streets lined with shops and restaurants, some of the essential Louisville activities to experience. There's also the Muhammad Ali Center, which is the most famous museum in the city and is dedicated to the famous Cassius Clay, considered the greatest boxer of all time. He changed his name to Muhammad Ali to represent his conversion to Islam. It's a must on the list of "what to do in Louisville." The Slugger Museum and Frazier International History Museum are other places to visit in Louisville. The Frazier Museum has a permanent exhibition of artifacts that belonged to politicians, celebrities, native warriors and soldiers. And if you get bored of the city, you can take the ferry a few kilometers down the river to the Hoosier National Forest, one of the best things to see in Louisville where you can enjoy nature and outdoor sports. Discover all the things to do in Louisville with Minube. Browse among the recommendations of our users to find more interesting attractions in Louisville. There are so many things to do in Louisville, don't miss any of them!