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Things to do in Santa Monica

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The top 13 attractions in Santa Monica

Beaches in Santa Monica
Santa Monica Beach
The Santa Monica beach runs parallel to the Pacific coast. It is more than 3 miles long, and has many services like picnic areas, parks and the film-famous lifeguard stations. We also saw the Santa Monica Pier, which was built in 1909. Its fair carousel has been declared a National Historic Monument. This beach marks the end of legendary "Route 66."
Beaches in Santa Monica
Santa Monica Pier
The Santa Monica Pier is well known thanks to its appearance in several movies. The ferris wheel and the small amusement park have appeared in hundreds of movies and TV shows, and you get the feeling of having been there before. It offers a great view of the beach. It is a place that you have to visit.
Amusement Parks in Santa Monica
Pacific Park
Located directly on the famous Santa Monica Pier made of wooden planks, the Pacific Park is THE amusement park of the city. It is certainly not brand new but it has things to offer to the young and old alike. There are also a few snack bars and restaurants. It is also home to the most interesting, attraction: the Ferris Wheel. For $3, you can enjoy the stunning views across the bay.
Streets in Santa Monica
The End of Route 66
Route 66, the legendary road that passes from California to Chicago, begins and ends right on the water. The end point is here, on the beach in Santa Monica, near Los Angeles after traveling nearly 4,000 km across eight states. The location is indicated by a road sign "66 end of trail", which you can find on the dock at Santa Monica Pier. The panel is always surrounded by tourists, because even if Route 66 no longer officially exists, it is still a powerful symbol of the United States.
Shopping Centres in Santa Monica
Third Street Promenade
It’s a very friendly and welcoming place due to all the nice people that there, plus the weather is amazing and the all the amazing attractions on the pear would even make an adult go crazy. I recommend going at least once in your life for the experience.
Cities in Santa Monica
Ocean Front Walk
Bordering the beautiful sandy beach of Santa Monica, the ocean front walk lets you take a nice walk between the city center and the harbor. We love this avenue for its great views of both the houses and the ocean. It's paved, and is popular with cyclists, rollerbladers and skateboarders. Great for a bit of sport!
Gardens in Santa Monica
Palisades Park
Located in the heart of the pretty seaside town of Santa Monica, the Palisades Park is one of the nicest parks you'll find there, a favorite with both locals and tourists. I must say it has it all: A close proximity to the city and its very cool collection of shops, stunning views of the beach and across the bay, and beautiful palm trees. The perfect spot to go for a walk!
Markets in Santa Monica
Santa Monica Farmers' Market
Standing in the heart of the city of Santa Monica, open in the morning until about 1 or 2 pm, the farmer's market is a must for lovers of fresh fruit and vegetables. Juicy, high quality and sometimes organic, there are all kinds of delicacies offered here, with fragrant strawberries and vegetables that make you want to reach out and grab them! You'll also find fresh flowers among the colorful stalls. A great stop for gourmets.
Streets in Santa Monica
Ocean Avenue
California is a great place to visit, and if you have the chance to go to Los Angeles, you simply can't miss the chance go for a walk along Ocean Avenue. Not only is it really beautiful, but the climate is perfect, and it's super romantic. So if you're lucky enough to be in LA with your other half, you can spend hours walking there, hand in hand!
Shops in Santa Monica
Ye Olde King's Head
Located close to the seafront and the main street, Santa Monica Boulevard, Ye Olde Kings Head is an unusual sight in the California landscape. This is a shop in the finest English tradition, offering all kinds of quintessentially English products, from tea bags, teapots and cups to frozen meats and "made in the UK" delicacies for expats!
Historical Monuments in Santa Monica
Dinosaurs Fountains
At both ends of the famous Santa Monica promenade, you can find dinosaur fountains. We love them, and their perfectly-cut topiaries lend a lot of charm to the city.
Airports in Santa Monica
Santa Monica Airport
A beautiful place
Shopping Centres in Santa Monica
Activities in Santa Monica
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The best things to do in Santa Monica

There is an endless list of what to do in Santa Monica. Thanks to its pleasant, Mediterranean-like climate, more and more tourists are deciding to explore all the great Santa Monica attractions. One of the first things to do in Santa Monica is to stroll down the famous Third Street Promenade, a pedestrian walk lined with shops, cafes, restaurants, bars, and more. Here you can sample local cuisine, go shopping, or just take a relaxing walk to people watch, which is definitely one of the most interesting Santa Monica activities.

If you want to check out more stuff to do in Santa Monica -- well, the beach stretches for miles in either direction and is one of the most spectacular in America. Beaches of course are some of the top attractions in Santa Monica -- we recommend you check out Muscle Beach and Santa Monica Beach. As for the monuments and other important places to visit in Santa Monica, you can start with Mt. Olive Lutheran Church or Gehry House, although keep in mind that the most charming things to see in Santa Monica aren't historic buildings. Take a walk or bike ride down Ocean Avenue, Montana Avenue, and the Santa Monica Pier.

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