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Things to do in Mammoth Lakes

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The top 8 attractions in Mammoth Lakes

Lakes in Mammoth Lakes
Mammoth Lakes
Mammoth lakes can be found in a town in California, USA. It's in the Sierra Nevada mountain range where Yosemite National Park is. Near this village you'll find a mountainous area with some ​lakes that shares the same name. These lakes are located between Inyo National Forest and Sierra National Forest. This area is a popular fishing destination in the USA and in the winter you can go skiing at Mammoth Mountain Station. While visiting the lakes in June you can see in the photos that there was still some frozen lakes and some snow in some parts.
Lakes in Mammoth Lakes
Lake Mary
It is the biggest lake in the whole area amounting to horseshoe lake, the Mary and the twin lakes. It is in the middle of these and to access all of them you have to go on the same road. Driving is a very short ride from the city. In Lake Mary you can do water sports and there are boat rentals. By the road there is a campground, restaurant and parking area for visitors.
Nature Reserves in Mammoth Lakes
Devil's Postpile National Monument
Famous for its basaltic columns, the park situated at 3000m can only be visited from late June to September. The access road is 17 miles. Only buses are allowed in the park ($10), until after 17:30 when you can go by car, free. All I've seen is like [poi = 398361] Giant's Causeway [/ poi] or Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland, near Belfast. I leave a link to the detailed situation map: Http :/ / www.Mapafisicos.Com/1964/Devils-Postpile-National-Monument
Lakes in Mammoth Lakes
Twin Lakes
The smaller set of lakes formed by the Horseshoe, the Mary and these. Located closer to the city. One is on a different level from the other and the lowest is fed by a waterfall that comes from the top. The lower lake is surrounded by a camp site and people fish and go boating. Ideal for camping, personally prefer this site to Lake Mary.
Lakes in Mammoth Lakes
Horseshoe Lake
The horseshoe lake at the end of the road from Lake Mary. It is a place of relaxation, an amazing lake and it is surrounded by lovely dead trees because the mountain releases carbon dioxide that kills them. It is a spectacle to see these trees by the lake. Not always clear but the danger is latent as sunbathing is prohibited because you can inhale carbon dioxide and die without the others thinking that you were in danger.
Unusual Places in Mammoth Lakes
Earthquake Fault Trail
Very close to Mammoth lakes, I think it is the same road that leads to Devils Postpile, but ask around town. There were witnesses of the last earthquake. It is a crack that is over 100 ft long and in some sections of 5 wide. I will upload some pictures and videos.
Skiing in Mammoth Lakes
Mammoth Ski Resort
If you come to Mammoth Ski Resort in the winter, you won't have much more to do in this area than ski. It's quite possible that the parks will be closed due to the snow, and this will be your best choice. In the summer the ski lifts work. The track is located on the way to Devils Postpile. In Mammoth Lakes you'll find all kinds of ski-related shops if you don't have all of your ski stuff with you. I'll leave you all of their web information.
Shopping Centres in Mammoth Lakes
Ralph Lauren Outlet
For followers of brands there are warehouses with authentic brand clothes. We found Ralph Lauren clothes with rock-bottom prices, we managed to buy some T-shirts for $15.38 and some jumpers of the same brand for $34. The shop is quite luxurious, it was a selection of shirts, jackets and all Ralph Lauren items.
Activities in Mammoth Lakes
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