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Things to do in San Francisco

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The top 239 attractions in San Francisco

Bridges in San Francisco
Golden Gate Bridge
If you're visiting the American West, this is a must-see attraction. It's an unforgettable 1280 meters. The vibration caused by the passing cars only increases the shock of seeing the red mass supported by cables over the sea. Meanwhile, the Pacific mist falls in waves around you ripping the vision of the slopes of San Francisco, producing that magic so characteristic of the city.
Museums in San Francisco
Alcatraz Prison
This place is a must if you're headed to San Francisco. Make sure to bring a jacket since it can be a bit chilly on island, at least it was when we went. Everything is very well organized and you can visit the prison with guided-tour headphones (in many languages) and explore at your own pace and take pictures. There's a boat back to the mainland every hour or so. You're taught about life at the prison, you see where inmates arrived, the cells where they spoke with relatives, where the guards lived, the hsitory of some of the escape attempts, and the reasons the prison was eventually closed. Al Capone was the most famous and well-known prisoner there. Again, it's a must if you're in San Francisco. If you go, try to get the tickets ahead of time.
Streets in San Francisco
Lombard Street
Although San Francisco is certainly famous for its hills, Lombard Street takes the cake and is a tourist attraction in itself. It has an inclination of 27 degrees and is considered to be the world's most windy street. It's located on Russian Hill and connects Hyde and Leavenworth streets (one block!). Both pedestrians and cars can pass. It is quite a sight to see cars making an "s" shape down the street. It has 10 curves in a "zig-zag" shape and you can only go downhill. It is decorated with flowers and is a great photo-op.
Of Touristic Interest in San Francisco
Painted Ladies
These houses, dated from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, are one of the most impressive examples of architecture and features in San Francisco because of their color and their contrast with the skyscrapers of the financial district. You can spend a whole afternoon simply sitting in this square and enjoying the view. It´s a must for any visit to the city.
Shopping Malls in San Francisco
Pier 39
This is the most famous waterfront of San Francisco and one of the world's most popular. It´s the place from which you can see the island of Alcatraz, with the Golden Gate in the distance, the sea lions of the city and also where you have lunch or dinner, drink, shop, and enjoy one of the most charming places in San Francisco. Although it is very touristy and always packed, it is absolutely essential to go for a walk around there.
Shopping Centres in San Francisco
San Francisco´s Chinatown
As in most major American cities, there is a Chinatown. Providing food, restaurants and all products Chinese, these are always interesting places to visit.
Squares in San Francisco
Union Square
Located in the historic center of San Francisco, in the Downtown, it's the hub of the city. Nearby are malls, luxury stores, theaters and the main tram access. It's a cool place, that is pretty nice and inviting to walk around.
Gardens in San Francisco
Japanese Tea Garden
The Japanese tea garden in San Francisco is in the middle of Golden Gate Park, next to the botanical garden. I could not go through the garden because it has separate, limited hours and it was closed for the afternoon when I went, but if you are passing through the park and it's worth knowing about if you're there during opening hours.
Streets in San Francisco
This hippie neighborhood in San Francisco is a memorial to the historical 60s, though its a bit rundown. Still, if one is in San Francisco, it's worth a visit. Today, some of the shops may seem a little strange, there is begging in the vicinity and curious graffiti on the walls. It contrasts with the Victorian houses that surround it.
Of Touristic Interest in San Francisco
Streetcars in San Francisco
San Francisco is a city full of hills, so the best way to move around are on the trams, which are moved by an underground cable. The price of a single ticket is $ 5, but with the travel card you can buy daily, three days, seven-day or monthly unlimited trips on all of San Francisco's public transportation, including these historic trams.
Markets in San Francisco
Ferry Building Marketplace
The Ferry Building Marketplace is a monument to California Yuppiedom, in a good way. It's full of gourmet shops, cafes, and coffeeshops touching on all the foodie-revolution hotspots: bearded and tattooed guys selling Italian-style house-cured meats, a stand which sells local, seasonal mushrooms, an outstanding array of cheese shops, and places specializing in Korean pork buns, fresh seafood, rustic breads, exotically-flavored oils and vinegars, organic coffees (from the type of place which refuses to put your espresso in a to-go cup because that would "take away from the experience"), organic veggies, sushi, and everything else under the gourmet sun. It's decidedly not cheap, and isn't for everyday snacking, perfect for giving yourself a treat. There is a boardwalk-deck behing the building which overlooks Treasure Island and the bay, and is a great place to have your just-arrived-in-SF meal.
Of Cultural Interest in San Francisco
Transamerica Pyramid
This skyscraper, built in 1972 and designed by architect William Pereira, was pretty controversial when it opened. Since then, however, it has become one of the most emblematic buildings of San Francisco. The viewpoint was closed after the 9/11, so you can no longer visit the top.
Bays in San Francisco
San Francisco Bay
In Sausalito, there's always good weather undefined
Of Touristic Interest in San Francisco
Dragon's Gate
The Chinatown gate, located in the beautiful city of San Francisco, is actually the entrance to a fascinating world where you can see thousands of different businesses, all populated by countless tourists, whether you go day or night ..... It is an experience not to be missed. Just think that the majority of the Chinese community in the United States is living in San Francisco, so I promise you that you'll find things there that don´t exist in any other Chinatown ....
Of Cultural Interest in San Francisco
Fisherman's Wharf
In the heart of the city, close to the famous Port 39, Fisherman's Wharf is undoubtedly one of the most famous and enjoyable neighborhoods that San Francisco has to offer. It's a great place to go walking and shopping, to linger on the terrace of a restaurant (there's an amazing number of choices, mostly fish and seafood of excellent quality). Of course, everything is very touristy, but the area is a must in San Francisco.
Palaces in San Francisco
Palace of Fine Arts
The Palace of Fine Arts of the coolest places in SF, plain and simple. The golden columns reflecting off the still water, the swans, the weeping's a perfect place to relax and reflect for a few minutes. I'd suggest heading up to Presidio Park first thing to enjoy the great views of the Bay, then use the Palace's dome as your landmark as you make your way down the hill. The Palace of Fine Arts should be on everyone's SF list!
Shopping Centres in San Francisco
Market Street
Market Street is one of the most popular and crowded streets of San Francisco. From the lively Pier to the most slummy parts of ​​the city, Market is truly a street of contrasts. Luxury shops and restaurants at the docks (in downtown) and then misery and panhandling at the other end. San Francisco's popular street trolleys leave from here.
Of Touristic Interest in San Francisco
Coit Tower
This Art Deco-style tower, built in 1933, is located atop Telegraph Hill, and is visible from many parts of the city. It's 60 meters high, attached to the hill, and provides a view of the city that is highly recommended.

The best things to do in San Francisco

The most symbolic of San Francisco attractions is definitely the Golden Gate Bridge, so if you're wondering what to do in San Francisco, the first on your list should be a visit to take in the views. Its 1280 meters of road linking the peninsula from San Francisco to Southern Marin and can be crossed on foot via the pedestrian lane, by bike in the separate cycling lane, and by car in one of the other 6 lanes designated for cars. The view of San Francisco Bay from the bridge is amazing and is one of the most picturesque places to visit in San Francisco.

One of the other interesting things to do in San Francisco is visiting the world famous Alcatraz Prison. Known for its history and the many films based there, this jail located on the island of the same name is one of the most important attractions in San Francisco and you can find a variety of daily tours. To get there, you have to take a boat at Fisherman's Wharf.

Does Lombard Street ring a bell? It's the street that's most often seen on television. It's so steep and curvy, it's scary! Make sure you check it out because a photo-op on the world's curviest streets definitely makes it one of the most iconic things to see in San Francisco.

stuff to do in San Francisco
includes visiting prominent neighborhoods like Chinatown, the Castro, or Alamo Square which house many of the top sights in San Francisco. In short, there are tons of fun San Francisco activities, as you'd expect from one of the most popular and well-known American cities.