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Forests in Argentina

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26 forests in Argentina

Forests in La Cumbrecita
La Cumbrecita
Reaching Cumbrecita no longer requires traveling 45 kilometers over gravel. Between 80 and 90% of the road has been paved. Only a few unfinished asphalt paths remain but I can assure you that, today reaching Cumbrecita is only a matter of a few minutes.
Forests in Buenos Aires
Forests in Sierra de los Padres
Forests in Jujuy
Las Yungas
This is a heavily exploited Quebradas circuit in Jujuy, but not the part in Yungas because the area of ​​Yungas in Jujuy is part of the Biosphere Reserve, also called Yungas. It's an area representative of the area's terrestrial and aquatic environments whose importance contributes to sustainable development. Calilegua National Park is located in the Department of Ledesma, Jujuy Province, Argentina. It's an extremely beautiful place, with flora and fauna indigenous to only that region. On the road in the park, you can see toucans to yaguaretes if you are lucky. Excellent for lovers of trekking and nature.
Forests in El Calafate
Perito Moreno Forests
Another corner to enjoy the vastness of Patagonia is Argentina's Perito Moreno National Park where we enjoyed Calleja style trekking on the glacier and walked in the woods to its left ... Pure nature and an eerie silence that occasionally is broken by a loud bang of a block of ice falling into the lake.
Forests in Bahía Blanca
Field in Bahia Blanca
This is a grandfather's legacy as witnessed by the growth of three generations. Today, we no longer have it, and we miss it a lot. I hope you enjoy. 2005, Argerich, Villarino, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Camera roll.
Forests in Villa Gesell
Pinar de Villa Gesell
I like the beaches in Villa Gesell, as well as the city and its people. It's a very cool place that's full of life, especially at night. It also has very calm places like El Pinar, which is where you can enjoy rich mates (a drink), and resting in the vastness of the pines.
Forests in Los Antiguos
CHERRY Blossom in the Old
During the month of October, all the small towns in the province of Santa Cruz, next to the Andes in southern Argentina, is full of color and joy as the cherry trees blossom. All the trees are covered with small white flowers and joy reigns in the faces of the villagers as they announce that they will soon see its fruit, the delicious, scrumptious and very great cherries, called The Ancients. Anyone who has tasted cherries produced in other parts of Argentina, especially the province of Mendoza, may corroborate: The taste and size are different. The whole village has been organized into cooperatives engaged in the export of the cherries, especially to European countries. This magical place is located near the Hudson volcano, which erupted a few years ago with ash covering everything from here to the cities on the Atlantic coast. Although the ash caused much damage to other crops, it seems that the cherry trees remained unchanged, the same as always.
Forests in Mina Clavero
The Happy Forest Road
It is a winding road, with cliffs and vegetation. The scenery is beautiful as everything in the Sierras of Cordoba is large. The back had a very different picture, the clouds were very low, even from just feet away we could not see anything, but we always moved forward carefully, and it was worth continuing.
Forests in El Bolsón
Los Laguitos
I was on an isolated mountain for two and a half months. I lived and worked in Los Laguitos mountain retreat, which was a unique experience! I had never been in the mountains before, but very quickly learned to make craft beer, use the wood stove, light the fires, among other things. And I also learned other things, like the fact that people are different in the mountains. It's hard to get there and everyone appreciates the effort it takes to be in such a wonderful place. They are always saying "it's worth it". You make strong bonds with people and you think of how magical it is to be talking to someone from the other side of the world that seems to be your lifelong friend, even though you just met. I also learned more about myself, what I'm like in a secluded place away from everyone and everything I know, and how I feel in absolute solitude which felt like a privilege. The privilege of knowing you're the only human being for 20 kilometres!
Forests in Claromeco
Bosque de Claromecó
Mar en el que se puede disfrutar del atardecer en el océano Atlántico, algo que uno creería que es imposible. Las playas enormes y el arroyo que desemboca en el mar lo hacen algo digno de ser visitado.
Forests in Ushuaia
Magellanic Forest
Although Ushuaia, Argentina's most southern city, is surrounded by nature, when you're actually in the city, there's not much green. But a few blocks from the centre is the Yatana forest, created in 2004 as the city's green lung. This area is full of beaches, but was once a heavily polluted site. A great place today to experience some nature, perfect for all the family.
Forests in Las Heras
Flooded Forest
Forest flooded by the dam water mirror potrerillos .. In the middle range of the Andes .. Comprising mostly alamos .. The dam took five years to build, and three years to fill with water .. It is 50 km from the city of Mendoza ... Greetings beautiful people!
Forests in San Rafael
Forests in Bariloche
Forests in El Calafate
Bosque de El Calafate
Calafte Forest in Patagonia. The only older trees I knew are olive trees. Looks like one giant bonsai, if that makes any sense. It was taken with a Canon 20D, 250 and 5.6, at 6:30 a.m.
Forests in Lago Puelo
Forests in San Antonio de Areco