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Viewpoints in Argentina

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63 viewpoints in Argentina

Viewpoints in Bariloche
Cerro Campanario
Situated just outside the city of Bariloche, this is one of the places with the best views of nature: A few lakes, the Hotel Llao Llao and the Andes in the background. The bottom of the hill can be reached by bus, then you can walk up but most people go up on chairlifts. Unfortunately, Bariloche is an area without many sunny days, so you will have to pray to be able to see this amazing landscape.
Viewpoints in Salta
Cerro San Bernardo
On top of a hill from where you can see the whole city, you get to San Bernardo hill by a winding, picturesque road, covered with flowers of various colours, yellow pansies, violets, pink and white, on very well kept lawns, and among those who are mixed bright and colorful lilies and petunias. This trail follows a Via Crucis and after traveling 10 kms on foot or in a vehicle you reach the top. It is 1454 ms above sea level and 269 meters from the city of Salta. There we found a Christ Redeemer and a crucifix, and the excellent view from the lookout point where you see not only the city, but also a good part of the Valle de Lerma. You can get to the top in the modern cable car that leaves from San Martin Park. A walk to recommend.
Viewpoints in Cordoba
Viewpoints in La Cumbre
Cuchi Corral Viewpoint
Cuchi Corral is an impressive 400 meter gorge surrounded by a beautiful landscape of low hills. At the bottom flows the river Pintos, a typical Cordovan river with clear water and a sandy bottom with stones. The lookout, which for decades has become a launching pad for paragliding and hang gliding, has such excellent conditions that Argentines from all corners and foreigners from all over the world visit here throughout the year. The site is exceptional, not only for those interested in flying, but also just to see the others on the launch ramp. The experience is really fantastic. You can spend hours watching how they prepare and then throw the flyers into the vacuum. You´re so close that you can see those first few moments of the flights and you might end up asking an instructor to give you classes and wind up right next to him, spinning through the void yourself.
Viewpoints in Formosa
Viewpoint of the Waterfront of FORMOSA
From this viewpoint you can see the central area of the city of Formosa and a beautiful view of Rio Paraguay. This viewpoint is located on the waterfront. The intermediate viewing balcony is 11 meters high and 63 steps and the higher platform is 20.5 meters high with 119 steps.
Viewpoints in El Calafate
Viewpoints in El Bolsón
Piltriquitrón Cº
El Bolson is approximately 120 kilometres from Bariloche city on route 258. The city sits at the foot of C° Piltriquitron. The climb to the top can be done in about 6 hours or you can spend the night in the shelter at 4 hours from the beginning.
Viewpoints in Santa Ana
Mirador Fotográfico
Having taken in the majesty of the Paraná River and its green surroundings from the Mirador del Parana, we headed to the other viewpoint near Butterfly Park and Santanero Bar. From there we saw the rolling landscape with its streams, valleys and hills, amid the splendor of green trees. The small Greek amphitheater built from red slabs from the area is used for different artistic representations that can take place outdoors and is as magnificent a backdrop as nature itself. You can also see other interesting things in the park, such as tractors keeping the grass cut, the paths that lead to different places such as the theater, reflectors that illuminate the tower, the river in the middle of the grove shining like a silver mirror, spaces for relaxing in the shade after a walk and the colorful flower beds surrounding the entrance of the park.
Viewpoints in Yala
Viewpoint of the León
The unmissable stop outside the city of San Salvador de Jujuy was the "Mirador de León" in he Yala Municipality Tourism, and parallel to the Rio Grande and is more than 1600 meters above sea level . You should dress like an onion because the temperature difference is felt. We left the car in the parking lot 80 meters from the entrance to the Mirador where the very colorful and famous Quebrada de Humahuaca staretd. What surprises you is you think that it is incongruous to have given the name of Rio Grande water to just a thread that runs through its grounds, which increases in volume and strength at the time of the thaw, and we were there in summer. The channel has fronds, tall and slender trees, yuccas and very deep green cactus, there can breathe fresh air, full and go up to reach Humahuaca, Tilcara and higher still, by I would advise having some liquid in the stomach. The Quebrada de Humahuaca is famous as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO for its landscapes, its hill of 7 colors and it is unthinkable to think that you will get tired of looking at it when trying to find out where red ends and pink starts, or burgundy, the thousand shades of green, cream, gray or blue bluer. Its steep hills, their strange ways, the warmth of its people and everything beautiful that you get in the retina and that no camera no matter how good your retinas will be as dilated with wonder and joy. I say joy because you will get tired but do not deny the beauty that Mother Nature gives us is priceless and this you see here is just the beginning and complements other places I've gone up at other times. The data is from the City Commission of Yala.
Viewpoints in Santa Ana
Viewpoints in Buenos Aires
Viewpoints in Bermejo
Viewpoints in Ushuaia
Garibaldi Pass (Paso Garibaldi)
The highest point where you can cross the Andes, about 60km north of the city of Ushuaia. There's a beautiful vantage point from which you can enjoy an impressive panoramic view to the north of Lake Escondido. A little further away, you can catch a glimpse of Lake Fagnano. I went in October, and I think it was the coldest spot of my trip!
Viewpoints in Bariloche
Viewpoints in San Bernardo
Viewpoints in Bariloche
Viewpoints in El Chaltén
Viewpoints in Tigre