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Rivers in Argentina

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79 rivers in Argentina

Rivers in Bariloche
Known as a ski resort, the Bariloche also has its charm in summertime (December). The 360 degree views as you go to the top on a chairlift are incredible. But it is just as nice to walk around the lakes and see all the houses and their piers. I would like to see it snow there.
Rivers in Rosario
Paraná River
From here you'll see a beautiful city view from the opposite bank. Best and cleanest beaches
Rivers in Puerto Iguazú
The Three Borders
Situated in the town of Puerto Iguazú, Misiones in Argentina. It is in the confluence of the Iguazu and Parana rivers. From there you can see the 3 countries, there is an obelisk painted in the national colors of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. A great place to take a picture.
Rivers in Tafí del Valle
Tafí del Valle
The photograph was taken the day that fall began in Tafi del Valle, on a hill at 10 km. Precisely. You can see full of flowers and shining colors, as this is a place where the seasons do not change, always a great microclimate.
Rivers in Posadas
Paraná River
This photo is taken from the waterfront of Posadas Misiones Argentina to the port city. This historic port almost cannot be seen because the river is rising because of the Yasireta dam was built in the province of Corrientes 1 kilometer from the city . I wanted to show the world something that is about to disappear due to this dam being built.
Rivers in Paso de La Patria
Paso de la Patria
The trip to the motherland step was very beautiful, but it also comes at a high prices. On the passage through the country when we went with my family and rented a nice apartments, these apartments had a public pool, but just going to the beaches. I recommend a trip here.
Rivers in Mina Clavero
Mina Clavero River
The RIO MINACLAVERO is a natural course of water flowing down from the high peaks in the Province Of Córdoba Argentina, to the Traslasierras Valley. It is formed from the combination of several streams flowing down from the Pampa de Achala, among which there is a feature called The cornetita, Potero of Whites and White Cerrito. The water is clear and cold and it has healing powers, or so it is believed. At the bottom of the Traslasierras Valley, through the town of MinaClavero, there are some small beaches to enjoy.
Rivers in San Martín de los Andes
Río Chimehuín
When we dis this walk that took us to Lake Huechulafquen we headed to Junín de los Andes, a city which this river passes through, just a few miles away we found the Chimehuin River Bridge. Its clear waters allow you to glimpse its rocky bottom almost seven meters deep and to glimpse some precious fish. It really is a delight to walk that road along the river with a wide variety of forest vegetation with incredible autumnal shades of yellows, browns, greens, reds and browns that make shiny frame the water course. This river is not only to delight the fishing enthusiasts but for those who can enjoy the beaches, or camping in areas suitable for it, placing their stores on a very green lawn between this thick and lush vegetation which contrasts with the blue sky, the eternally snow-capped Lanin Volcano.
Rivers in Luján de Cuyo
Mendoza River
The RIO MENDOZA, is a river of melted ice that originates in the high peaks of Aconcagua. It receives water from numerous tributaries, irrigating the land in Lujan de Cuyo, Maipú, Guaymallen, Las Heras, San Martin and Lavalle, all belonging to the Province of Mendoza. It flows into the lagoons in Guanacache, where its flow decreases gradually and becomes rigid, due to the construction of hydroelectric dams. The photos below show the passage of this river course through Las Heras.
Rivers in Santa Rosa de Calamuchita
Tercero river Reservoir
The Rio Tercero Reservoir Lake is quite large, and is surrounded by many different towns and areas to explore on its shores. This place (see photos) is in a Camping Club called Club Nautico Santa Rosa. It lies a few kilometers from Santa Rosa de Calamuchitaa and is an excellent place to spend the day relaxing with the whole family.
Rivers in Alta Gracia
The Paisanita River Anisacate
Another really nice place that we visited. Alta Gracia Cordoba lakes, rivers, streams. These pictures were taken in the year 2009 with my camera. We rented a cabin in Villa Carlos Paz and were 30 miles to Alta Gracia (we travelled long distances in Argentina). Very nice to visit and we saw many types of meats, regional, crafts in stone, silver and alpaca that were fantastic!
Rivers in Magdalena
Plata River´s Coast
Magdalena is a small village nestled on the banks of the Rio de la Plata (a river), just 100 meters away from the city of La Plata, which is south of Buenos Aires. It's characterized by a low flow of tourism, only a local can appreciate its calm and its waters that have remained virtually untouched. At night the river swells and becomes a little more rough. The waves are very forceful. In the morning that turbulence seems to subside and it becomes a peaceful beach that invites you to relax.
Rivers in Corrientes
River Paraguay
Here in front of the port of Corrientes, you can see the brown river carrying the sediments from the Bermejo River. On one side, the water is clear, coming from Mission and Iguazu Falls. The two waters continue mixing until your reach Goya, then the Parana River officially begins.
Rivers in Santa Rosa de Calamuchita
El Durazno
A really great place, right in the center of Cordoba hills. There is a beautiful river to bathe in, in the glorious surroundings of the mountains. Wonderful.
Rivers in Trelew
Rivadavia River
It was in January 2008, when we reached Chubut, in southern Argentina, with my family, Gustavo and my daughters Khadra and Paula, for holidays with Gustavo spent fly fishing, among all the beautiful images you see there I took these, The River and Lake Rivadavia, take these. We have added trips and photos here
Rivers in La Cumbre
Pintos River
After the steep path from Cuchi Corral, Pintos river is a lovely gift. The river, clear and fresh, runs between big stones and tiny beaches of sand. The Pintos is one of the most lovely rivers Punilla Valley. The road that goes to San Marcos Sierras is perfect for long swims in still water pools formed between the rocks.
Rivers in Tanti
San Antonio River
The RIO SAN ANTONIO has a watershed of 500 square meters on the eastern slope of the Sierras Grandes. At its source it has tributaries, the MALAMBO and EL CAJON. It passes CUESTA BLANCA, ICHO CRUZ and CARLOS PAZ, to end at LAKE SAN ROQUE. The photos attached images are of the river just passing through CARLOS PAZ. It has areas where tourists can swim, but with care as there are deep wells in parts that can be hazardous.
Rivers in Diamante
On my winter vacation I stayed at a place called Diamante (or: Diamond), which is on the banks of the Rio Parana and Sta Fe Rosario. The hotel fulfilled my dream of a walking in the islands and going there by boat. These images full of peace and natural beauty.
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